Thursday, 19 April 2018


Showing affection for a man is not natural, he is a man, not a woman. You can't expect him to move from being masculine to being amazingly romantic on the wedding day, these things take time especially if he wasn't a play boy when you met him.
Don't expect her to be a sex super star immediately after wedding, especially if she lacked previous experience or wasn't a prostitute! A brand new bride can't be be an expert at the 62 sex styles on her wedding night and beyond!
Romance, love, affection, submission, financial management, understanding and intimacy take time to build in marriage, it doesn't jump on anybody!
Do not build unrealistic expectations in marriage. A successful marriage requires a great deal of patience and hard work. The Bible says, "love is patient and kind". Patiently, lovingly and maturely teach your husband how to be romantic. Bear with him when he fails.
Teach him how you want to be addressed, treated, responded to, etc. If you want him to hug you a lot in public, tell him, if you don't like the way he shouts at you, nicely, maturely tell him. He is human, stop treating him like a criminal or a wicked human being who is all out to hurt you. He will make mistakes while learning, give room for that. Marriage is a place to allow your spouse be themselves while trying to get better day by day.
Don't abuse her is she's not respectful enough. She's not used to having a man tell her what to do with her life 24/7. Be patient, win her trust and respect, with time, she will learn to submit to your leadership with deep reverence and honour.
If she is sexually "incompetent", teach her. My husband taught me how to kiss him. Take her hand to where you like to be touched and teach her how you want her to perform. Buy good books on marriage and sex for her, read the books together, learn together, grow together, change together. Be flexible, adapt, adjust, shift for one another. Submit to one another.
In courtship, talk. Tell each other how to be treated in marriage.
Open your heart to each other, prepare for a blissful marriage.
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