Friday, 11 May 2018

[3] Keys to Success that stand out for me the most.

I woke up to the beeping of my phone; a message just came in from Aaron  Rashkin. Does the name ring a bell? If not; let me tell you a bit about him.

         Aaron  Rashkin, has 23 years of in the trenches experience being self employed and now lives an extraordinary lifestyle according to his Facebook page.Aaron with his wife Sofa; generated over $650,000 in their first year as Online Entrepreneurs using the Industry's Premier Marketing Platform to sell a top tier direct sales product line that's perfect in an economy.

Enough of that, when I opened my phone; the titled of the email captured my attention and I sat on my bed reading it to my self " 3 Keys to Success that stand out for me the most!" I was fascinated to know more but I dropped my phone, cleaned up my room, took my shower all done in an un-usual hour of early morning of today.

I was on my office seat at exactly 5 o'clock then I decided to read the email from my computer. Aaron, further shared his three keys which I agree with and I explained why:

#1 - Being in the right place at the right time: This is has something to do with preparation. As an online entrepreneur the best to take up an opportunity and make the best of it is to be ready for it. When you are found ready and well positioned the right offer would come through.

#2 - Knowing the direction of an Industry, and the Leading Company inside that Industry: You must know your story and what you want. It would help you to get to where you want as an entrepreneur in terms of positioning your company in your chosen industry and provides an atmosphere suitable for you and your company to strive among the leading companies in the same industry with you. 

The more reason your business plan was to be a clear vision of what you to see happen.

#3 - Taking Immediate & Massive Action: Your readiness and technical know how is not enough to guarantee you success. Your effective, immediate and massive action is very paramount. The decision you make coupled with who are decision-making players with you determine a great deal of how far you go in the industry.

Obvious once your decision is finalize you have to come up with a team of people that would help you put the decision in the right motion to achieve the end goal(s).

Below are top twenty-five (25) companies in the world that are practically applying Aaron's three keys of success a-right:

1. ICBC.
2.China Construction Bank.
3.JP Morgan Chase.
4.General Electric.
5.Exxon Mobil.
6.HSBC Holdings.
7.Royal Dutch Shell.
8.Agricultural Bank of China.
9.Berkshire Hathaway.
11.Bank of China.
12.Wells Fargo.
14.Volkswagen Group.
16.Wal-Mart Stores.
21.Samsung Electronics.
22.BNP Paribas.
23. Total.

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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