Friday, 18 May 2018


Is the reason so many marriages are broken today. Marriage is to help you become better and becoming better means CHANGING and GROWING. If you are not ready to change and grow, marriage is not for you, period!
They should accept you in courtship with all your ugly past, strengths and weaknesses, that acceptance made them take you to the altar but we are not static human beings, we must keep changing for the better if we must have a good marriage and fulfil our destiny!
Stubbornness is the leading cause for divorce. The refusal to adapt to your spouse and take to simple correction. Here are some things your spouse won't take from you, you either change or kiss your marriage goodbye!
1. POOR HYGIENE is a huge turn off in marriage. Not bathing at the right time, smelling all day, refusal to shave and mouth odour are romance killers!
2. FAT: If your partner didn't marry you fat and they detest fat, you will do well to shed that weight. You will constantly turn them off and romance will end up in the dustbin.
3. WASTE: No sane man likes to see his hard earned money going into the waste basket. Cooking excess food, wasting money on frivolities, buying unnecessary toys makes you a financial disaster. The earlier you drop your wasteful spending, the better.
4. PRAYERLESSNESS: It is a killer of love and respect in marriage. When you know your spouse is praying for you, you love them at a deeper level.
5. BORING SEX: Over spirituality has done more damage to so many marriages than the devil has directly done. Unless your spouse is genuinely okay with a single sex style and stale, bland, cold romance, you might do well to spice up your sex life and change styles and positions as often as possible. Most men want adventure and varieties, that is the truth and please let it sink in before the shocking revelation of his affair throws you into a comma. Men like adventure, variety and passion so keep changing the style as long as both of you are comfortable with it. Don't wait for your husband to always ask for sex, ask him, chase him, seduce him and get passionate with him. If you have problems lasting long brother, go for counselling and read godly books. Premature ejaculation can frustrate any woman and make her hate sex altogether.
6. SHABBY DRESSING: Learn to impress each other for God's sake. Dress to please your spouse. If she wants you in jeans for informal setting, wear the jeans. If he wants you to wear jewelries and trousers, you better wear them. Some claim the Holy Spirit won't allow them to wear it, why then did you marry a man who loves it? Was the "Holy Spirit" sleeping when you were saying yes to the "infidel"?
7. LIMIT THE IN-LAWS involvement in your marriage. To keep telling your family everything that happens in your marriage including how many times you have sex per day is a simple definition of immaturity. Get a marriage counsellor if your marriage is in trouble. Keep your parents and siblings out if it.
8. FRIENDSHIP WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX. If they are against any friendship with any opposite sex for whatever reason under heaven, end that friendship with the speed of light. Call it jealousy or whatever, they have the right to be the number one in your life apart from God.
9. LIMIT THE SOCIAL MEDIA and spend time with your family. Break the facebook addiction, it will kill your marriage.
10. LET GO OF YOUR EX, they have no single business with your marriage unless they want to break it.
These and more are the things your spouse won't take from you. Learn to take correction, learn to adapt, learn to submit and learn to love. When both of you grow up to the stage where you easily and eagerly adapt to each other, your marriage will experience deeper love, peace and joy you have never known before.
You will experience bliss unlimited and paradise on earth. Keep loving and adapting. God bless you. Cheers!

© seun Oladele

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