Thursday, 17 May 2018


Play boys are super intelligent women users! They are the perfect grand master in the art of seducing and winning a woman's heart! Playboys know the exact word to say at the right time to make you pant and yearn for him.
Play boys are excellent at turning women on, have them practically beg for sex, use them like a piece of rag and eventually dump them! Play boys are merciless at dumping ladies, they are not in your life to do you any good, they are there to permanently ruin you.
Play boys are good looking, sexy and seductive. Few of them are rich and most of them are talented. They know how to bewitch you with their good looks, waoh you with their talent and sweet talk you into their bed.
Play boys are liars. They lie so much even the devil marvel at the magnitude of their lies!
Play boys have only one mission: To conquer you and have sex with you. Intelligent, talented super successful women are a big threat to them. They have very low self esteem. One way they boost their self esteem is conquering women in bed.
Being married to the greatest husband in the world does not keep them off, it is a challenge. They love to get into another man's wife's pants! Savoring someone else's wife and watch her practically go on her knees begging for few minutes of sex is what give this men strange chemo high! They love stripping other men's dignity and honour by mercilessly having sex with their wives over and over again till they get tired!
Play boys are no longer those ruffians you see on the street. Play boys are now more sophisticated. They are the boss at the office, teacher at school, lecturer at the university and even "brothers in Christ" who are grand masters at seducing church members' wives! Play boys are those smooth talking, tongue speaking brothers who came to propose to you but keep hitting you for sex any time you are together.
You can't handle a play boy! You need the spirit of discernment to know a man's motive for pursuing you; have a mentor, counsellor, a father figure whom you respect or your brother who can help you navigate your way out of the destructive relationship. You need your husband to help you explain a play boy's motive for pursuing you.
Play boys use secrets as a powerful weapon. They tell you not to divulge their relationship with you to anyone. They meet you in secret, hide from you in public while claiming they love you than their very lives!
Play boys have very dirty minds. 90% of their discussion is towards sexual arousal. They tell you they are just being themselves, accuse you of being unsophisticated, rigid or senselessly principled when you object to the sexual discussion or deny ever turning you on. They work on your mind, tell you you are too frigid, rigid and may never have a good sex life in marriage. They ask you to loose inhibitions, be free with them and encourage physical contact a lot.
No, they don't rush you. They take things very slowly with you. They may start from innocent handshake to hugging then kissing then romancing and sex. They then withdraw the love and attention, you beg for more love, they demand for more sex and when they are done with you, they throw you away and see you as nothing but trash. Used, dumped, useless, stupid, foolish and cheap. You are a whore. That's their new pet name for you. Conquering you has added another trophy to their massive collection.
If your secret relationship eventually leaks out, they pile lies on top of your head. They tell the world you are the one pursuing them, disturbing them and practically begging them for sex. They claim you have a seductive spirit that hypnotized them. They never really know what they were doing till they have innocently had sex with you.
Dear sisters, I will advice you to humble yourself, learn from godly women, read good books on relationships, have godly mentors and counsellors who can watch over you, guide you and correct you before you fall into their trap. To claim super power and play near fire with petrol all over your body is to get burnt forever. Let mature people guide you, you can't handle a play boy.
As a married woman, never have a secret male friend anywhere. If he always flirt with you, he is dangerous and will eventually wreck your marriage. Never go into any relationship your husband does not approve of. If he is not comfortable with any of your male friend, don't dismiss his concern as jealousy, end the relationship with speed. A man can interpret another man's motive for being in a relationship with you.
Stick to your values and principles, do not compromise your standard for any reason in the world.
If you are very beautiful, gifted, talented or rich, watch out, many men, most who are play boys will hunt for you. Your big wedding ring won't keep these men off, it intoxicates them to pursue you more.
May you not fall into the devil's trap in Jesus name. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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