Thursday, 10 May 2018


Adapting to one's partner in marriage is not easy. It takes the special grace of God and genuine love for your partner to do that. It's not easy changing a habit that has lived with you for decades but if you must succeed in marriage, you must adapt to your partner whether you like it or not. Yes, I mean whether you like it or not!
There are some things you do that irritates or annoys your partner, stop them, if you don't, you risk losing your marriage. Stubborness is a sign of immaturity. Some people are stubborn to their own peril! They hate changing their lifestyle to suit anybody. Marriage is not for you, you don't need marriage.
Some women are never submissive. They are so proud, arrogant, pompous, very stubborn and rigid! Some men are static, unmovable and unbendable. They don't take to correction and will never listen to their wives' advice. These set of people are marital disasters!
Adapt! Change! Be flexible and versatile! Listen to your partner's complain and learn to adapt to them. You are no longer two but one. Whatever hurts them should hurt you and do something to stop the hurt!
The problem is, we are so used to a lifestyle and we are not ready to change due to the pain and inconvinience involved but you lose your marriage while sticking to your lifestyle! The joy and peace that comes from adapting far outweigh the pain of doing things your way. Learn to adapt!
I used to wear short skirts as a single lady and I never planned to stop doing so in a million years. I loved mini skirts and short gowns that stopped 2 inches above my knee. They look so cute and smart. I'm a smart walker. I don't like anything dragging me down so mini skirts became my favourite. Nothing outragerous, very decent and nice, just 2 inches above my knees, that's all.
Hubby hates mini skirts, I didn't say dislike, I said hate with passion! He corrected me in courtship but I felt, I ain't married yet, no one should put me in bondage but after I became a full fledged married woman, he made his decree and the king must be obeyed. It wasn't easy at all. I didn't know how my world would look like without the skirts but I eventually obeyed. I no longer wear miniskirts, infact, I feel uncomfortable wearing anything above my knee. That is the way my darling wants it. My husband was doing somethings I didn't like too. It wasn't easy for him but eventually, he adapted to me. Our marriage has gotten better, sweeter and more peaceful over the years.
Learn to adapt to your spouse. The earlier you do so, the earlier you eliminate stress out of your life. The longer you delay, the more risk you are at losing your precious marriage to divorce.
Adapting to your partner doesn't kill, it helps makes marriage smoother, sweeter, exciting, fabulous and rapturous, try it, it works! God bless you. 


© Seun Oladele.

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