Monday, 14 May 2018


Your wedding don't have to be expensive. Many delay their wedding till they have the millions in their bank accounts. If you copy the Joneses, you may spend the rest of your married life paying off debt. Do your wedding according to your pocket and save yourself from unnecessary headache and embarrassment! It won't be fun if creditors are banging on your door when you are suppose to be enjoying your honey moon in peace!
Here are practical ways to cut down expenses and still have some "change" after wedding.
1 (a). Borrow wedding gown from your friend, siblings or family members and adjust the size to suit you. It's not a sin to borrow wedding gown, people rent wedding gown, so do according to your budget if you can't afford one, no big deal about it, you are wearing it for a day, after that, it's over, shikennah!
1 (b). Sew cheap wedding gown with white satin material. You don't need more than six yards to sew a nice, fitted, form fitting wedding gown. If you negotiate with the tailor very well, she should not collect more than #2, 000 for sewing!
2. (a). Borrow wedding suit from friends or relatives if you can't afford a brand new one. Look for someone of the same size and borrow the suit, no big deal about it, it's only for a day!
2. (b). Go to Idumota Lagos and get good suits at cheap prices or get a suit material for a good tailor to sew. #600 - #700 shirts are at Balogun, Idumota. Get down and select your size, with a good iron and starch, you are good to go!
3. Very minimal decoration or no decoration at all. People want to see the couple not well the decorated hall.
4. Use the church premises for reception instead of a hall. Discuss that with your Pastor.
5. Share the grace after the wedding without reception. It's not compulsory reception must take place. The real event is the wedding, thank God for the success and go home.
6. If you must do reception and no money for food due to recession, serve cold drinks and snacks or biscuits. Everyone knows bags of rice cost a fortune and you can build a house with the same amount you want to buy a cow!
7. If you must serve food and no money for meat, turkey or chicken, try "Panla kika" (I don't know what they call it in English), the people should take it in love. Serve the food with sachet pure water if there is no money for soft drinks.
8. Get your local photographer to snap important pictures and not flood everywhere with unnecessary snapshots while charging you a fortune. Ask your friends with camcorder to help you record the event.
9. You don't need to book a hotel for honey moon, no be sex? Use your apartment abeg! Just be creative. Spray everywhere with a nice perfume. Get a cool, romantic music. "Ololufe" by Martins is beautiful. Off the light and surround the bed with beautifully lit candles, get drunk in each other's love (not with beer please).
10. If you must travel out of the environment and get a hotel, guest house or whatever, you get something cheap and still nice. It's just you and your darling. Nobody cares where you do your honey moon after you are back and if they cares, that's their business!
A successful marriage is more important than a successful wedding. Your wedding is important but don't focus on it so much that you end up in debt and spend the first few years of your married life in hunger, embarrassment, debt and shame!
You can start your marriage small and grow big. Start with something though! Some lazy men want to start with nothing while hoping faith will put food on the table!
Ensure you can pay your rent, NEPA bill, feed your wife and take care of pregnancy and a baby before you get married. Those who cite Oyedepo don't know what they are talking about. The man was in ministry while his wife was working, earning #140:00 monthly! They had money to spend! If you must marry a man who has absolutely nothing, you must get a job doing to support him or you both go from door to door begging for food!
I'm sick and tired of counselling women whose husbands are completely irresponsible in the name of ministry or whatever! How many men are industrious and has great faith like Bishop Oyedepo and Mike Bamiloye? Most are simply loafers looking for who to feed on! Ask God to bless you from your single years, you don't need to get married before you count your millions and don't wait till you have millions before you get married.
Have a great vision, be committed to doing something meaningful with your life, marry a woman who strongly believes in you and is ready to support you. With prayer, unity, love and hard work, both of you will break the ceiling of limitation and move to a higher realm of success but if you are lazy, visionless and goaless while waiting for a wife to rescue you, you have failed completely as a man. May the Lord grant you understanding. FEEL FREE TO SHARE, God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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