Monday, 7 May 2018


One of the reasons ladies get very desperate once hitting 26 and above is the fear of conception and easy delivery. A lady asked me if childbirth will be easy at 30+, she heard that labour pains will be terrible and the experience will be perfect bell on earth!
I'm not ruled by medical reports, I'm ruled by God's report. If we live by the medical reports every single day of our lives, we will run insane. These people are not God, you can't live your entire life by every damn thing they predict. They themselves are often confused and sometimes contradict themselves. I'm not saying you should ignore science and medicine altogether. By all means, go see your doctor if you need it and follow their advise if you strongly believe they will work for you. But as born again Christians, we should go beyond the physical, we need to let the word of God rule us.
Don't marry out of desperation because of your age! You will make a mistake! And you will regret your marriage, guaranteed! The easiest way to pick the wrong person is to become desperate! You blind your eyes to sound reality, pick at random and say YES to just anybody in the name of settling down.
Start praying about your marriage early, pray against delay so you won't run off track out of desperation and pick the wrong spouse (Read my ebook: "Overcoming Marital Delay" if you are 25 years and above and you have issues getting engaged/married at the right time).
Sometimes delay is God's very special grace and mercy to help you work on your weaknesses so you don't destroy your marriage with your flaws. God doesn't want you to marry late but you may be divinely delayed if you do not work on the weaknesses that will destroy your marriage. There are those who marry early and divorce early and some marry late and enjoy their homes. Marrying early is good if you are mature and it is God's will. Marrying at 30 is not a curse if it is a personal choice and you are taking your time to prepare adequately for it. All in all, LET THE LORD LEAD YOU, this is very crucial in picking the right spouse!
Don't use childbirth as an excuse to jump into marriage. There are 20 something year old ladies who have difficulties delivering their babies and there are those who had a smooth ride. There are 30 something year olds who have very easy delivery and some went through hell! It all depends on your level of spirituality, orientation, pre-knowledge of child birth, good antenatal care and a positive mind set, don't let any one scare you into jumping into marriage in the name of having a safe delivery!
I had my first son at 30+, I had my second almost 4 years after and the second delivery was the most beautiful delivery I ever witnessed. The labour was fast, I went through the stages of labour in the normal hours. While I was placed on the delivery bed, hubby quickly went to get the baby things for the Doctor thinking I may still be there for hours, in 20 minutes, baby was out. 2 days after, while hubby was preparing the home for the baby, I had sneaked to the bathroom and washed some clothes. He exclaimed on seeing me. My mother -in-law advised I should not do anything, I felt so energetic 2 days after delivery, I just could not sit down. I went to the bank 3 days after delivery in public transport. Stomach flattened down before 8th day, bleeding stopped at one month. Body came back to pre pregnancy shape in 4 weeks. I had read SUPERNATURAL CHILDBIRTH by Jackie Mize, speaking to every part of my body to line up for supernatural delivery and God did it! Please, don't jump around 2 days after your delivery if your doctor advised not go and you are not strong enough, medically, it is not adviseable, body and faith also differs, please!
Bottom line, don't limit God because of your age, don't box God, don't give God ultimatum, don't get desperate. Pray, seek God's face, go for counselling, read godly books and the Lord will settle you miraculously in Jesus! name. Your spouse is on the way, relax as you expect him. Feel free to share. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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