Thursday, 17 May 2018


Funny topic? I'm laughing too. Someone asked me to write for girls who think sex will widen your hips and enlarge your boobs, issokay!
Seriously, nothing will enlarge your boobs like breast milk which you get through pregnancy! If you are ready to "carry belle" and you want to die a mediocrity, you may try sex and watch your boy friend disappear into hell or wherever!
No sex will enlarge your boobs. Whatever shape you have is your heredity. If your mama has big mammalian glands, congratulations, you may inherit that, if medium, same, if small, congrats, there is nothing you can do bout it except pray for a man who will accept you when its time to get married and use well padded bra. Small breasts have one big advantage though, it keeps looking firm years after you are married, since that's a big plus for your husband, it's absolutely nothing to worry about.
Same for bigger hips. It is child birth that will loosen some bones, if you are ready to carry a bastard, you may try getting pregnant, widen your hips and carry the shame of 'after one' single mother all over the street, if you are not ready for that, biko, pull up your zip and keep your pant under lock and key! Heredity determines how big your hips look not sex.
If you come from a family of hour glass, you may gat it if not, no amount of sex will widen your hips, let that sink baby, you ay want to dust your biology text book and do some revision!
All these spoilt rotten, silly girls who brain wash you to sleep around like a lousy whore to get kkk size breasts and chair shattering buttocks are simply sick in the head! There is absolutely nothing like that!
Being slim can also hide your curves. When you eat well and have peace of mind, you will add flesh!
At this point in your life, you should be thinking about your education and vision for God's sake not sex, boobs and hips please, what is wrong with you? Face your studies and leave boobs alone!
You should be happy they are not conspicuous, God us helping you hide it so thieves will not snatch your treasure from you before you get married.
Of course when you get married to the right man and start having sex, you will look different. Child birth will also increase the breast size and deposit fat at the appropriate places, you also begin to age and appear less firm too. That is why most girls who sleep around look older than their age with less firm and sloppy bodies.
May you not fall a victim of evil company in Jesus' name.
Don't forget STDs still exist. No sane man wants to have sex with an HIV patient no matter how sexy she looks. You have a great future ahead of you, stop trading it for sex in the name of having big boobs and buttocks. May the Lord grant you understanding. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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