Monday, 14 May 2018


Is there someone who caught your fancy? Is there a particular one you want to spend the rest of your life with? What next? Marriage proposal/acceptance of proposal? No, get to know each other first. Build friendship. Don't jump at the lady with "Thus saith the Lord!" Act like a gentle man, I mean, be a gentle man. Ladies hate to be rushed, desperation is a big turn off! Treat her like a lady. Smile, ask for her name and few less threatening questions about her like her hobby, vision, likes and dislikes.
No matter how much your head is oozing with the smoke of "love" for this guy, keep it to yourself sis or you appear desperate. You may have heard angel Gabriel tell you directly while on heavenly vision he is your husband, don't go chasing him around with that die hard, "I love you can't you see?" look. Some ladies out of desperation told me they heard clearly from God the guy is their husband but he is not proposing, what do you want me to do? Search for the guy and command him to propose to you? Nay, I'm not a pimp!
So what do you do as a lady when you have found a guy you like? Just be friendly, that's all. Don't push the relationship, don't jump around him hoping he notices you. Don't be the first to ask for his phone number and call him morning, noon and night. Don't ever tell him "I love you" if he hasn't shown interest, you are gonna scare him away. When you make yourself too available for a man who has no interest in you, he feels something is wrong with you.
A guy got confused when a lady friend began smothering him with attention, "I love you" messages and bla...bla...bla. He felt something was wrong with her and began to withdraw from the friendship.
Just be yourself. Be friendly. Treat him the way you treat everyone else, no special treatment. If he likes you too, he will respond to your friendship and chase you with the same vigour, if not, he will act cold and indifferent, don't push it. Just be yourself and move on.
And he shows interest? For real? Some ladies imagine the guy is showing interest when in reality, he is not! Does he initiate calls? Does he respond enthusiastically to your calls? Is he always eager to meet you and talk to you? Does he give you some "chase?" if yes, build friendship. Take things slowly and calmly or else, you get overwhelmed with emotion and ruin a perfectly good relationship.
If she's warming up to you brother, arrange a date. Talk generally about life and make her feel comfortable. Your look should be soft and comfortable, smile when necessary. Don't stare into her eyeballs and make her turn aside over and over again in embarrassment. No holding of hands at this stage please, you are not into any romantic relationship, you are simply getting to know her and make her comfortable around you. If your date ends perfectly well and she is as eager as you are to continue the friendship, arrange a meeting once in 2 weeks first then close the gaps to once a week later.
1. STUDY THE PERSON to know if they have the qualities you want in a spouse. Ask questions. Show interest in them, be friendly.
This is very crucial. You need to find out from God if he/she is God's will for you. Subject your friendship to the word of God. Are you compatible? (Amos 3:3), do you have peace of mind? Are you at rest whenever you are with them? Do you have joy? Are you comfortable around them? Can you be yourself? Are your dreams/vision positive? Do you love them? As in genuine, unconditional, agape love? You must answer affirmatively to all these for your relationship to qualify as God's will.
Some singles told me their partners are God's will but lack peace. Some do not like their partner's physique. Some like but do not love them, some have conflicting values, beliefs and vision yet claim it is God's will, in capital letters, NO, it is NOT!
If you are sure beyond every shadow of doubt she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, she is not just someone you can live with but someone you can't live without, then make your marriage proposal.
Why some so-called men are scared of making their intention known to the lady they claim they love still baffles me. The Bible says there is no fear in love. If you are scared of telling her you love her and wants to marry her, you are not in love, period!
Your proposal doesn't have to be scary. There is no big deal about it at all. You don't need to shake like a jelly, neither should you be stammering. You can save yourself and the lady some embarrassment by memorizing your lines before approaching her and please, "The Lord said you are my wife" is old fashioned and archaic, keep it! No one likes to hear that, puleeeeaaaze!
How then do you propose? Find out more.

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