Monday, 28 May 2018


I saw a married woman recently and my jaw dropped! She wore a spaghetti without bra. Her nipples were embossed on the spaghetti and I must confessed she had a pair of beautiful breasts for her age. She should be between 42 and 45, has teenage children and strands of gray hair are already littering her head!
Why would a married woman go about in that type of wear? Women please for God's sake, stop harassing men! Stop slaying them! Just stop this nauseating trash! A man is a visual being. He is moved by sight. Lots of women know this, they cash on it and wear just anything to make men lust after them. They do it deliberately to turn men on. They harrass men every where they go and come crying that men are seducing them, who is seducing who?
Why would you expose your cleavage? On what bases would you go about in micro mini skirts? What are you trying to show when you go about in armless tops? You raise your arm all the time and we are confronted with your shaved or bushy armpit? Yes, we know you have killer legs, must you expose half of your thigh to show them? We can see you are busty, must you still wear a low neckline and kill us completely with your cleavage? Please ladies work on your self esteem. There is more to attraction than a hot body, if you don't want to be treated like a whore, don't dress like one!
No matter your age and the number of children you have, you are always attractive! I don't know who told us women that once you start bearing children, men will leave you alone and you become an old cargo! Always always wear your husband's before you step out of the house!
No man should know the size, shape and colour of your breasts apart from your husband. All these killer panty hose, very tight trousers fully showing the shape, size and contour of your buttocks should be worn inside for your husband only. No bum short outside your apartment unless you want to seduce all your neighbours!
Single ladies are not spared. Lots of desperate girls are causing more accidents on the road than failed brakes! Please, if you don't want to be raped, harrassed or used and dumped by all the men that come your way, stop seducing guys with your breasts, buttocks, thighs and armpits! No man wants to marry a whore so stop dressing like one. Most of these girls are not virgins and they keep wondering why guys ask for sex all the time.
Watch your pictures too.
All these pouting, seductive pose and killer clothes you wear will definitely land you in trouble.
Women, please, let us stop all these sexual harassment and help our men keep sane. Do not lead anyone to hell and remember, if you don't want a party, don't send an invitation. 

God bless.

© Seun Oladele 2017

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