Monday, 7 May 2018


Confident women are scarce yet highly needed in this generation and beyond. Great men are raised by confident women; highly successful, high achieving superstars who have good marriages are married to super confident women.
Successful women in entertainment, industry, art, politics, ministry, career and business are super confident women.
Ladies who have men line up to marry them and never lack suitors are confident women, yet, confidence in short supply!
To end up a celebrity, a success, a role model others are dying to emulate, you must be a confident woman. Confident women exhibit these qualities:
1. THEY KNOW THEIR WORTH: You don't tie your worth to men's approval but to God's approval. You know what you carry, You know there is greatness in you. You know your God who created you and that is the greatest self esteem booster! This automatically keeps you strong and super confident. "For they that KNOW their God shall be STRONG and do EXPLOITS" Do you know your God?
2. THEY KNOW THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL: It is an in depth thing. You are not waiting for men to acknowledge your beauty, you yourself know it. You don't strain your life to please people's, you please God and yourself. You do not bleach, fix expensive weavon super long artificial eyelashes, very expensive clothes, body exposing clothes to get admiration from men. You are yourself, confident, happy and at peace. No pretence, no faking your personality!
3. THEY LIKE THEMSELVES: You admire, appreciate and celebrate yourself.
4. THEY LOVE THEMSELVES: You give attention to yourself. You take good care of yourself, eat healthy food, rest as appropriate, invest in good books, clothing and anything that positively affects your self worth.
5. THEY DEVELOP THEMSELVES: They have priority. They do not just make money to buy heeled shoes and designer wears. They invest in their brains and talents. They get quality books that will accelerate their progress, attend seminars, workshops and symposiums. They are ever learning and improving.
6. THEY ARE HARDWORKING: They are not lazy, idle and passive. They take charge of their lives. They are active, versatile, alert, hardworking, agile, up and doing, energetic, smart, filled with life!
7. THEY ARE GENEROUS: Giving is a great self esteem booster. They render help to others; give to the less privilege; donate to missions, ministries, orphanages, widows and the suffering. They have a large heart that occupy the needs of others.
8. THEY ARE DISCIPLINED: They are not lousy with their tongue and body. They know when to talk and when not to. They are punctual, organized, stick to plan/schedule, set goals and achieve them.
9. THEY KNOW HOW TO MAKE MONEY: They are not waiting for a prince charming to come and rescue them from their self imposed problems. They are not looking for a guy to buy them recharge cards. They know how to work with their two hands and brain and make cool money with them.
10. THEY ARE ARE SEXUALLY DISCIPLINED: They control their libido. They do not waste time on pornography, neither do they masturbate. They do not mess around with guys neither do they allow any man touch them carelessly.
11. THEY LOVE PEOPLE: From the depth of their hearts, they love others, care for them, wish them well and contribute to the success of others.
12. THEY ARE INTELLIGENT: This they get by thinking creatively, reading wide, making research, rubbing minds with great people.
13. THEY ARE NOT IDLE: they do not spend all their time watching movies and gossiping all over the street, they are busy pursuing their vision.
14. THEY ARE WISE and do not speak folly neither do they act foolishly.
15. THEY LOVE GOD and always seek to please Him.
16. THEY ARE PRAYERFUL and stay close to the heart of the father.
17. THEY DISCOVER AND DEVELOP THEIR TALENT till they become international superstars and celebrities.
18: THEY KNOW THE QUALITIES THEY WANT IN A MAN and develop themselves till they have the same qualities which make them instant magnet to the men of their dreams. They are like the men they attract!
19. THEY ARE ATTRACTIVE: They dress smart, sharp, nice and attractively. They wear clothes that fit their figure and make hair that suits their face.
20: THEY ARE NEAT: they are not dirty, smelling, irritating and repulsive.
These and more are what makes you a confident woman. are confident, you will attract confident men as well and success, marital bliss, and en ending blessings will never be far from you.
Don't spend all your time looking for quality men; spend all the time developing the right qualities and quality men will swarm over you.
Start developing these qualities today and you will be amazed at the result in the next few years! Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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