Wednesday, 9 May 2018


The purpose of getting married is to help each other fulfil destiny. If all you do in courtship is have fun, say "I love you" from morning till night and you never for a moment sit down and practically set SMART goals to help each other realize your deepest dreams and fulfil your destiny, you are both wasting your time! You are not preparing for marriage, you are preparing for frustration, regret and pain!
Mature people face reality, the immature ones hide under romance and sex, nothing more.
May you not get married before you realize your mistake. Do something now! Start building your future together. Talk about your vision, dreams and goals!
Set goals! Make it SMART! Challenge each other to greater height. Forget about sex, that is not the essence of courtship!
Read together, pray together, plan together, rub minds together! Read good books! Attend seminars! Make research! Spur each other, support each other, fast and pray for each other. Be hardworking. Prepare for greatness! Help each other become great in life, that is why you are getting married for God's sake!
What's the problem with your d*ck? Why can't you control it each time you see a woman? If all you think about is how to have sex and you are 25 years and above, You need serious deliverance!
Think about your future brother! Think about your future sister! Marry a man/woman who will help you fulfil your destiny not turn you to a sexual machine!
It takes more than p*nis and v*gina to achieve greatness please! Use your brain, use your God given common sense! Use your talents, use your skill, use your gifts! May you not mischoose! May you not end up a failure in life! May you not regret your marriage! Thanks for reading, God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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