Thursday, 31 May 2018


There are relationships absolutely bad for you, you just know it by the spirit of discernment. With the Holy Ghost fully working on your inside, you can't mischoose, neither will you be caught dead having pre-marital or extra-marital sex! You know when a relationship is bad and quickly move back. That is the Holy Ghost at work!
No matter how holy a guy looks, if he is under the influence of the spirit of lust and is out to ruin you, you will know. If she is a Jezebel though she speaks in tongues like a pro, you will know intuitively she's an agent of satan and move back!
I rarely get hurt in relationships, I dust my shoe and jet off before it gets to that point! I don't wait for people to end a relationship on me, I end it on them. Holding on to an abusive relationship till they kick you out is not only damaging but a grand self esteem wrecker! Jesus never held to abusive relationships. He went where he was celebrated and if they despised him, he walked away with his dignity intact!
Be spiritual! Don't jump in and out of relationships out of desperation, allow the good Lord to lead you or you get hurt over and over again!

The spirit of discernment is your greatest asset when it comes to choosing a life partner. You must be born again and have the Holy Ghost fully working in you to have it.
My husband had it in full operation when he met me. He said the moment he saw me, he knew I was the one. He has never doubted his choice for the past twelve years, not once!
I have met people who were out to hurt. They disguised their hatred and jealousy with the clock of undying love. God is quick to reveal their hearts to me and I move back when necessary. When a man is outright out to have sex with me, I know from the onset no matter how holy he looks.
Demonic spirits are repulsive and smelly. No matter how expensive the perfume the person wears, you can smell that evil spirit and move back as soon as possible. Someone may say what if God wants you to minister to them? That's a different ball game entirely! We are talking about people who are out to destroy you so you move away before they do the damage!
Speaking in tongues daily as a born again Christian baptized in the Holy Ghost will help a lot. You cannot afford to mis-choose! It is living hell on earth to live with a man or woman out to destroy you but marriage has joined you together. May the good Lord grant you understanding.

© Seun Oladele.

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