Thursday, 21 June 2018


A sick wife is a product of a sick husband! If your wife is stupid, you are very stupid! Virtuous women don't drop from heaven, their husbands made them.
If you see a married woman fighting dirty on the street, she doesn't have a good head at home, her husband's head is sick! If your wife is involved in affairs right under your roof, your head is sick!
There are so many men walking about with empty brains but well starched clothes and neatly ironed suits, if you are stupid enough to pick by sight without praying hard to see if his head is correct, you will end up becoming a stupid wife, a non-entity, mediocrity and a nuisance to the society!
Everybody is shouting "be a virtuous woman." What happened to her husband? He was always sitting with the elders at the gate! It takes a wise, correct, godly man to sit with the elders at the gate!
To open your mouth and call your wife all manner of derogatory names shows you are irresponsible, immature, not qualified for marriage, you failed woefully as a husband and your head is sick!
Somebody may say, "but I always correct her she always prove stubborn" she will be stubborn because you do not correct in love, you don't pray for her and you are a bad role model. Wives don't just follow what their husbands teach, we follow your example! You can't tell her to stop doing something that you yourself has a bad habit of doing!
Ladies, don't marry a sick head and if you do, you are on your own. 

A little word is enough.

By Oladele Seun

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