Monday, 4 June 2018


These ears have heard some stupid statements like "A man can ask for sex in courtship, it is the woman that must learn to say NO!" That is rubbish! So a woman is not permitted to ask for sex and when she asks, do the guys say NO? They pounce on her, rape her silly and tell the world she seduced them! Nonsense! Rubbish!! Stupid fallacy!!!
Why must a man ask for sex in courtship? Why must you open your mouth and ask for what you shouldn't ask for? Is your thinking so low, you must ask the poor lady to let you slap her father in the face by stealing sex from his daughter without paying her dowry? Has your self esteem gone so down that you stooped below every form of self dignity to ask for what is not yours and lose your respect before her forever? Why must you ask for sex in courtship, are you even born again at all? I don't understand how some so called Pastors, fellowship Presidents, Excos, Evangelists and self acclaimed Prophets will open their mouths wide and ask their fiancee for sex in courtship!
Enough of all these nonsense that turn men to weaklings who have no brain, no self control and must go every where their erection direct them. Stop asking for sex okay? SHE IS NOT YOUR WIFE! And lady say NO because HE IS NOT YOUR HUSBAND, period!
I told my fiance the day you open your mouth and ask for sex is the day this courtship comes to an end! I won't even waste my saliva saying NO, I will just end it straight! I did not want a cheap man who lack full grip of his emotion, it pisses me off! I want a man I can honour and respect forever. God knew my heart so he not only gave me a virgin, he gave me a man with iron clad, strong moral principles who hated pre-marital sex with passion and avoided it like plague -balance! If we had had sex in courtship, I don't think I will respect and value him this much in marriage!
I'm sick and tired of hearing all the blames go on the women! If the man fornicates, it is the fault of the woman, if she says no and the guy still leaves, it's her fault, she should have learnt to manage him. Sometimes, people portray men like a bunch of idiots who can't think straight the moment they see the opposite sex. That's not true! Men are not idiots, men are not senseseless! You are born with dignity! Learn to control your manhood around the opposite sex. Respect yourself, please!!!
Bottom line, men and women should control their sex urge. Men are not permitted to go hay wire while the woman harbors all his rubbish and nonsense. The Bible is written for both men and women. God hates fornication and asks all of us to flee from it.
Men stop asking for sex and ladies stop putting men in an environment or situation they keep asking for sex and if they ask, simply open your mouth and say NO unless you are cheap and your father is nothing but a non-entity to be trampled on. That is what guy does to your dad when he has sex with you before marriage.
Keep your dignity, keep your self respect, keep your honour. Learn to say NO and mean it and men STOP ASKING FOR SEX, God bless you.

© Seun Oladele

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