Thursday, 14 June 2018


Some ladies are looking far older than their real age, I'm not talking about heredity, I'm talking about what premarital sex does to your body!
A virgin's body is strong and firm till she gets married. Years after marriage, though her body won't remain the same, with good care and rest of mind, she still looks fresh, younger than her age and firm where others of same age have collapsed!
Regular squeezing of the breasts make them lose shape long before you get married. Pregnancy will put breast milk, stretch the skin which loses its elasticity then weak and begin to sag so when you get pregnant and abort over and over again, you lose your breast shape and firmness.
Contraceptives disorganizes and scatter hormones. That is why married couples visit family planning clinic/centers and get tested before given appropriate drugs/injections. You can't do that as a single lady unless you lack shame and no home training at all so you go to a chemist's shop and swallow just anything, your hormones get scattered, no husband to pamper and cuddle you for going through that process. You are rather angry and mad at all those guys who habitually climb you, dump their dirty, smelly trash in you and throw you out of their lives! The anger, guilt, frustration, pain, depression shows on your face and you look older with wrinkles appearing prematurely on you! Worry causes ageing faster than you think. Being used and dumped over and over and over again is enough to cause emotional sickness and worry!
Same with your hips, rough handling by guys wears you out and you lose firmness. To walk smart is a problem, to bend, rotate and run is a challenge!
Same for guys who sleep around, at 40 they look 60 and can't do what their age mates are doing at 40, some even die prematurely of high blood pressure they get by sleeping around, causing problems for women all over the places.
Soul tie contributes to ageing, when you have sex with different guys/ladies, a part of them comes into you vice-versa, you begin to display different personalities and of course, ageing shows up.
Women who keep their bodies till marriage have strong, well tone bodies because they didn't abuse it in their single years, same with men. They did not have to worry their head over unwanted pregnancies, contraceptives and abortion. Worry, contraceptives, abortions especially D&C will damage you physically, emotionally and spiritually!
Of course heredity plays a role in how one looks, I'm not talking about that. Virginity without taking care of your looks can also.l make you appear older than your age but with premarital sex, no amount of care can hide the sagged breasts, stretch marks caused by pregnancies and abortions, vaginal weakness and loose hip bones.
Keep yourself pure, you have nothing to lose staying chaste till marriage. Men who slept around as singles rarely satisfy their wives sexually in marriage. They suffer from premature ejaculation to retarded ejaculation to impotence to poor sexual performance, etc. What are you looking for in premarital sex that you can't get in marriage? Impatience is a sign of immaturity and character damage!
The earlier you repent, the more damage you will save yourself. May the good Lord grant you understanding. 

God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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