Monday, 11 June 2018


Sometime ago, I got angry at hubby and went out without telling him where I was going. Talk about keeping malice! As a rule, no one steps out of the house without telling each other where we are heading to. I just got so angry, I didn't want to talk to him!
Mid-road, I remembered rapture may take place at any moment and quickly asked God for forgiveness of sins, I also remembered I was going to the market very far from home and pleaded the blood of Jesus.
God likes communicating with me. He wanted us to talk but I kept ignoring Him, I didn't want Him to soften my heart. I knew if I communicated with the Lord, my heart will get soft and that would be the end of the malice I was enjoying so much but the Lord wouldn't leave me alone till I yielded to Him. As expected, the malice eventually vanished!
My husband became my best friend again the moment I stepped home and our differences was resolved (don't mind me, I was the one at fault ooo, my shakara is just too much!)
There are some quarrels, fighting, malice and bitterness we are experiencing in our homes without any result because we are fighting too much, too hard with all our strength!
You can't change your spouse, only God can. The Bible says "the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord, He turns it wherever He wills". God knows how to reach your husband's heart and make him do things many years of nagging will not force him to do.
God knows how to speak to your wife and soften her heart towards you.
Malice, fighting, bitterness, abuse, criticism, condemnation helps no one in marriage, it may rather lead to heavy fight, sometimes domestic violence!
Yes, communicate with your spouse, tell them the things they do you don't like but pray more for them. Prayer changes things that malice can't change.
Sometimes you may even be the one at fault not your spouse. When you pray, the Lord will open your eyes to see your weaknesses and help you change for the better. And if it is your spouse, He will work on them, till they become totally adorable, loving and caring.
Are there negative habits you see in your spouse you don't like? Take it to the lord in prayer. Are her weaknesses giving you lots of concern and driving you crazy? Take it to the Lord in prayers! Are you sick and tired of your marriage and wants to quit? Don't pack your bags yet, take your case to the Lord in prayer.
Start praying for your husband sister, God will eventually soften his heart towards you. He can change. There is nothing impossible for God to do. Start praying for your wife brother. God can change her from a troublesome woman to the most peaceful creature you have ever met.
Don't give up on your marriage yet. Don't start having emotional or sexual affairs. Commit their hearts to the Lord and He will soften their hearts towards you.
Prayer works. The Lord answers prayers. Start praying for your spouse today, you will start seeing the changes you've been longing for all these years. The Lord is waiting for you. Will you talk to Him? 

© Seun Oladele

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