Thursday, 14 June 2018


Dressing in marriage is important. You dress to please God first then your spouse second, every other thing is secondary!
If your fiance hates the way you dress, either you change it or end the relationship peacefully! To stubbornly stick to your mode of dressing while holding tightly to a dead-end relationship claiming it is God's will is to prepare for a life of pain and woe in marriage! The Bible says "your desire shall be unto your husband..." (Genesis 3:16) to act otherwise is to prepare for eternity in hell because you are disobeying God by refusing to submit to your husband! Stubborn ladies turn me off! Leave him if he does not agree with your dressing, marriage is not by force!
If your husband likes a woman in trousers and your religious belief is against wearing trousers, common sense which is not common requires you to end the relationship. To claim it is Gods will is to prepare for pain and shock!
If he hates trousers with passionate hatred and you love it, you are looking for serious trouble in marriage. Either you stop wearing the trouser or you look for a man crazy about trousers as well. It's as simple as that.
I studied most men who had affairs and I noticed that the mistresses dress better than the wife at home. Her dressing is the complete opposite of the woman who thinks her darling husband is a saint and has no interest in any woman except her! May your senses get opened before it is too late!
The issue of make up should be thoroughly trashed out in courtship. Some men don't like it while some drool and run after ladies with beautiful make up. Discuss this thoroughly and come to an agreement.
Same for the man too. If she hates facial hair and you are sparing, trimming and grooming your beard, you are looking for trouble! If she hates a man in Jeans, tank tops, wearing chain, bangles and body hugging tops, end the relationship in peace and look for a lady who accepts you the way you are!
My make up is light and moderate, that's the way hubby wants it. He loves running his hand through my hair, so I rarely make it except retouch and comb. If he likes any hairstyle, I do it. He picks the colour of my lips stick, I apply it to his pleasure. He loves me in skirt though I love wearing trousers because of the smartness and freedom to do my work easily, I wear the skirts that makes him happy.
When I was single, I wore short skirts a lot, he hated them with passionate hatred so I don't wear mini skirts again.
Stubbornness will destroy your marriage. If you are rigid, self opinionated, myopic, heady, stubborn, rebellious, disobedient and rude, your marriage won't work! Both of you are to submit to each other! A wise wife submits to her husband in every way!
If you can't submit to this man in your dressing, loose him and let him go! Holding tightly to him and make him unhappy marriage is not a sign of love, it is selfishness. May you not pick somebody else's bone. 

God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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