Tuesday, 12 June 2018


If you are tired of singleness, ladies are rejecting your marriage proposal or you are fed up of failed, broken relationships and you need to do something fast before gray hair catches up with you, here are the things you can do to make a lady fall madly in love with you, agree to marry you and enjoy bliss forever in marriage with you...
1. SMELL GOOD: We ladies have very sensitive nostrils. Honestly, body and mouth odour are hired killers of love and romance in marriage, they turn us off! Before you approach any lady, brush your teeth and smell good! Invest in good perfume please! You don't need to have a fortune to do that. #200 perfume are all over Oshodi market!
2. DRESS WELL: Most of the guys with marital delay are poor dressers. Shabby clothes, unpolished shoes, tangled hair are automatic turn off! Jesus was a great dresser. John couldn't tie his shoe lace, his enemies fought over his cloth and a woman bathed his feet in highly expensive, perfumed oil. You will be addressed the way you dress. It doesn't have to be expensive. #1000 six yards Ankara clothes and #500 shirts are in Oshodi, invest in them.
3. LEARN HOW TO APPROACH A LADY: If you shout "sssssss..." across the road or rush over her like a storm, you deserve a red card! Be a gentle man when approaching a lady. Be civil, be mature, be cautious.
4. SMILE: Smiling guys are attractive any day, any time. I love my darling when he smiles at me, he looks so handsome to me.
5. BE FRIENDLY: Friendly guys always win the trophy. Learn how to make a lady feel comfortable, learn to crack clean, good jokes. Smile at her and laugh with her...it makes you so adorable.
6. LOVE GOD: husbands who love God are hot and sexy to their wives. Guys who love God get ladies fall madly on love with them.
7. BE HUMBLE: Show courtesy and etiquette to ladies. Learn to pull a chair for her to sit, when you open the door, let her go in first. My husband still treats me like his queen and it makes my head swell. Whenever he opens the door, I go in first. He does that both in private and public. Infact more in private. you now understand why am so crazy about that guy? He knows how to treat a woman. 'dewunmi, take this, muaaah!
8. BE A GENTLE MAN: Don't be rude, loud, saucy and crude, puleeeeaaaze! you are not talking to your maid okay? Even if you have the choleric temperament and a complete extrovert, it doesn't mean you should be rude and shout on the woman you are dating! Who wants to marry that kind of man?Excuse me!
9. BE GENEROUS: Learn to give to God, your parents and the less privileged. Its a good sign you will take care of your wife and kids in future. Stingy men are a big turn off! Don't be tight fisted, you won't even get blessed! Givers never lack! If your life style is "me, me, me and only me!" You will stay poor for a long, long time!
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Thanks for reading. God bless you.Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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