Friday, 29 June 2018


Just about two days ago, I queried one of God's daughter in my care for not performing up to my expectation on the task I assigned her. I have an intimate whatsapp group created to bond with mostly our married MENTEES (wives) .

By the leading of the spirit and knowing her heart for service, I assigned her the duty of the welfare of the group members. She has a great heart for people. She would call to check on members and pray with them but later stopped. #smiling.

A little about her, she's a lover of Jesus, a lover of people, a business woman, serves in the children & teenagers unit of her church (she does it with passion) and when it comes to any program/christian events, she volunteers to serve in any capacity (she loves to counsel)

So I asked her, "Why do you stop taking care of the sheep I put in your care? Is it because I didn't pour oil on your head and pray in tongues to commission you for it or because it is a SECRET LABOUR?"
She just laughed and apologized.

I also remember asking a mentee if her mom who's a caterer is fulfilling God's purpose for her life. There she goes scratching her head in doubt.

See, our PRIMARY PURPOSE IS INTIMACY WITH THE FATHER. Mark 3:14 says Jesus chose the 12 to be with Him and secondly to send them out for the gospel.

My mentee's mom is a lover of Jesus and a caterer. If not for people like her, how will our hungry audience listen to Bible stories during our conferences.

We are not all called to teach the Bible on the PULPIT and hold microphone but all called to showcase CHRIST. If Jesus is to do ministry in our present generation, I am sure He would call some to cook and feed the multitude. He improvised the disciples as caterers while feeding the 5000. #smiling

This is the general attitude of most of us when it comes to PURPOSE THING, forget the big word.
See, as a believer, YOUR PURPOSE IS JESUS. It's all about PROMOTING THE COURSE OF CHRIST on earth. It's all about the KINGDOM!

Having that in mind, understand we are made for different platforms.

Whatever portion or slice God has cut for you to fulfil, Do not see it as minute or insignificant.
Do not equate purpose with FAME.

Joyce Meyer said in one of her audio messages I listened to that: on a particular day; the Holy Spirit asked her "If I instruct you to stay by the RIVER BANK in a remote VILLAGE and live your entire life right there ministering to just 5
people will you stay there?" #thought provoking#

She gave it a serious thought and later replied "yes" to the Holy Spirit.

Before Mama Joyce Meyer could reply "Yes" she searched her heart, struggled with the thought of being a "local champion" She admit her dream is to go round the world for Jesus touching and impacting lives. Though her zeal or drive wasn't for Fame but purpose.

But on the other-hand God was testing her heart to see if all her sweat is for IMPACT or FAME.

You have no reason to stay in a city when God is asking you to stay in a village.

Every purpose like I do teach is to point people to Christ. 

The Scripture admonish us to ABIDE IN OUR PERSONAL CALLING. 

Fulfill your purpose. If you are called to be a writer; write to build the saints. 

Are you ordained to sing songs; let your voice ring loudly, don't sing SHAKU SHAKU.

Called to teach God's Word; dish it out undillutedly. 

Assigned to go on missions; you have no place in politics.

Called for political leadership? Please we need leaders like Moses & Joshua, we seriously don't have leaders in this country.

Assigned to care for the widows, orphans, sick, youths, teens, children, prisoners; don't neglect your target population.
Blessed to finance the Kingdom; spend the cash. Feed your generation! Make life easy for your generation! Touching lives for Jesus is the GREATEST IMPACT.

I recently watched this Brazilian football player "Kaka, "I LOVE JESUS" on YouTube flaunting his vest after scoring a goal. Lol.

"I will rule my world" doesn't stop at the place of confession. You can only rule your world through your touching lives FOR JESUS

Your IMPACT in your generation is not measured by your FAME.

The impact of your message is not a function of MILLION LIKES & COMMENTS, but HOW MANY LIVES ARE BLESSED AND TRANSFORMED. Don't be discouraged! Keep doing what you are born to do.

I have seen countless pages on facebook loaded with trash and ungodly posts yet they have millions of LIKES.

There's a way your PURPOSE will announce you to your world; don't hunt for fame. It is God that glorifies.

The Holy Spirit said to me at one time"I have not called you to BUILD FACEBOOK PAGE for me; but to BUILD PEOPLE
What is your drive?

Purpose is about impacting lives.

Your church members are few! Your pastor friends have people flooding their auditorium! You are sad? Please relax! Don't be discouraged! Feed your flock.

Jesus had a single drive! One motivation! He said: MY MEAT IS TO DO THE WILL OF HIM THAT SENT ME AND TO FINISH HIS WORKS (Purpose and Impact) He wasn't after POPULARITY! He tried as much as He could to forbid people from spreading the news of His wonders and miracles yet the Bible says HIS FAME spread about. Why? He was fulfilling His purpose. Isaiah 60:1-3. His IMPACT on LIVES announced Him. The Bible says HIS FAME WENT ABROAD! He didn't hire advertisement committee, He didn't struggle for popularity, He is a light shining brightly and when its fullness was come; its tenacity burst it off unto limelight.

God will announce us to our world in Jesus name. That "world" is relative.

The purpose of purpose is to impact lives and every purpose must point people to Christ.

Don't get it twisted; you can advertise your PRODUCTS. 

#check your drive/motivation in fulfilling your purpose#

If you understand this point, you will easily understand every other matter about purpose.

Forget the GRAMMAR, whatever sector of the society God is leading you to be a blessing, know YOUR LIFE IS ALL about THE KINGDOM; make Jesus PROUD.

Thank you Esther Oguche for having me on your campaign. Love you deeply.

By Esther Ebunoluwa. Omoniyi.

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