Sunday, 10 June 2018


I asked a question with a picture 2 days ago to know if any lady will marry a man with long, scattered, decaying teeth, 2 big ears and scary balls though he is wealthy, romantic, godly, generous and gives one million naira per month as up keep.
Some said they will and use his money to repair his dentition, some said they can as long as he is godly, romantic and generous while some flatly rejects the idea. They point blank asserted they can't marry a man they are not attracted to.
All the comments whether in support or against marrying the man are valid and absolutely correct!
You can't marry a man you are not attracted to. It's not God's will for you!
Beauty is a personal thing. What someone sees as ugly may be what turns you on. Marry the person you are attracted to not who the society think you should marry! It doesn't matter how big his teeth or his ears are, as long as you are attracted to him and finds him so adorable and lovely, you have God's backing. With good dental care, surgery, repair and reconstruction or transplant, he will look perfectly okay. That guy is handsome really, only the mouth and ears need serious adjustment.
If you don't find a man or woman attractive, please, don't marry them. I've seen women suffer neglect in their marriages despite their stunning beauty and sexy curves. I've seen very handsome men being despised by their wives.
And I've seen so called ugly men completely adored by their wives who see them as angels. I've seen extremely handsome husbands go completely crazy over wives the society will label as ugly.
Inner beauty is more important in relationships. Beauty will fade but character will stay. If they are so attractive to you, who cares? Go right ahead and marry them.
Do not allow the society's perception of what beauty or handsomeness is makes you lose God's perfect will for your life.
If you find them adorable and they are God's will, you have a good marriage awaiting you.
Character plus God's will is the ultimate in marriage, not a six pack body and figure 8 shape. I hope this makes sense to you.

Thanks for reading, feel free to share. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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