Monday, 4 June 2018


Some fights in marriage are complete waste of time and precious energy! Must you always argue? Must you always prove your right? Must you abuse, attack, criticize and condemn your spouse? Must you fight? Learn to follow peace with your spouse, be a peace maker, search for peace and pursue it with all your might!
The Bible says "follow peace with all men" including your spouse.
If you are wrong, simply say "I'm sorry" instead of arguing from morning till night. Some men have never told their wives "I am sorry" in all their years of marriage. That word seems like a taboo in their mouths. It's like swallowing a bag of cement. It looked like a mountain too high to climb. Relax, there is no big deal in saying "I am sorry",when you are sincerely wrong, it doesn't make you look less than a man. It simply calms your wife sown, increases her respect for you, love you more, show you sympathy and will be more affectionate to you.
If you want to unlock any woman's heart and melt even the one with a heart of stone, just sincerely, from your heart say you are sorry, she will drop all her weapons of war!
What's bad in saying "thank you sir" or "thank you" when your spouse does anything for you? Some wives are acute complainer! No matter what their husbands does, it is not enough! Even if he plucks out his two eyes and go lame because of her, to her, it worths nothing! She complains from morning till night till the man abandons the home altogether. .
Men want peace. A man thrives in a peaceful environment. Don't drive your husband crazy with your insatiable demands! Stop shouting at your husband, stop abusing, disgracing and condemning him! Go and work with your brain and 2 hands if the money he is giving you is not enough! More men are dropping dead out of stress, high blood pressure, stroke and internal organ failure than ever before! The increase, crazy demand of some wives is making some men commit suicide, run insane or simply run away from home! Give your husband peace sister, don't nag him to death, don't kill him!
If you are always fighting in courtship, you need to address it or your marriage will end up a war zone.
I prophesy peace to all ailing marriages in Jesus' name. Father Lord, mend all broken hearts, wipe silent tears, heal our hurting women, heal our depressed men. Let your peace saturate our homes.
We chase out all demons of division, hatred and unforgiveness from our homes in Jesus' name. Let your peace reign...peace in the mighty name of Jesus, every storm, still...

Thank you Jesus.

© Seun Oladele

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