Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Most wives don't enjoy sex, only a little percentage does and the little rarely gets orgasm except by the mercies of God. Very few wives are 100% satisfied during and after sex!
Look, stop going in and coming out without touching your wife. That is a criminal offence! It is called rape and your manhood deserves to be "jailed" for at least a month where it will receive good orientation about quality sex before resuming duty again!
No woman enjoys sex without romance! You can't just jump on her and thrust away without caring if you are dealing with a human being or an animal!
You don't just make love to her body, you make love to her spirit and soul as well!
Learn to talk sweetly to your wife before sex. Praise her, admire her, appreciate her and show lots of tender, loving affection. Hug her a lot. Give a gentle back, neck and feet massage. We need it after a hard day job. Help her with chores, what's more romantic than that?
Learn to touch her from head to toe. From the crown of her head to the sole of her feet. Each part of her body counts during sex. Learn to caress your wife, stop squeezing her like a dry orange.
Kiss her softly, stop sucking her lips and tongue. Learn to make good use of your tongue during love making. Women love it. Don't be rude to your wife in bed please. Ensure she is ready before you travel to Jerusalem, if she is not, it is your fault. Re-start the process again.
Don't jump into her like a trailer with failed brake on express road. Be slow at first, increase in tempo later. She will love it.Your tongue and hands should keep working during that process. Which wife wouldn't love that? That process leads to complete sexual satisfaction and if excellently handled, orgasm!
No woman wants sex, she wants sexual satisfaction. If you handle her right, she will give you the best of her self including her deepest love and respect.
Shabby love making is making more women abandon their marriages. Don't lose her before you do the needful. Sexually satisfy your wife and some of your quarrels, misunderstanding and fighting will automatically vanish! May the Lord grant you understanding.
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God bless you. 


© Seun Oladele

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