Thursday, 26 July 2018


1. God Himself said "It is NOT GOOD for a man to be alone..." Brother, your singleness, when it has expired, I mean you are growing gray hair and you are tired of being single, IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. God himself said so. You need to get married, puleeeeaaaaze, marry!
2. HELPS YOU FULFILL YOUR DESTINY. Yeah, I know you can be single and make all the money you want in the world. Linda Ikeji is a billionaire yet single and lots of guys out there are also raking in cool cash while still single! Yes, I'm nodding vigorously! I agree with you, but fulfilling your destiny is different from raking in all the pounds, dollars and Euros! You can't achieve some things if you are not married. For instance you can't be a great marriage counselor or the President of your country without the first lady by your side, you get what I mean?
3. BEAR LEGITIMATE CHILDREN: It's so cute having babies, honestly. It's cuter if there is a dad and mom pouring their affection into their kids. To have children of your own, your offspring, your seed and your successors who will take over from you tomorrow, you must marry. Single parenting is not fun. There is nothing like sweet daddy and mummy being there together for their beautiful, adorable kids.
4. SWEET LOVE MAKING: No matter how hot she is, so hot she could drive you wild and tear your hormones apart in bed, you can't compare it to marital sex. No fear of pregnancy (unless you are through having babies), no hang ups, no worries of "will he dump me?" No looking at her like a cheap whore! All you have is the peace and joy that comes from making love to your own wife/husband, lover, best friend and soul mate. The experience is breath taking, orgasm is sweeter and it's so so close to being in paradise, simply put, it's heaven on earth! Bliss...
5. MORE MATURE: There is a measure of success you can't attain if you are not mature for it. Marriage will mature you. Your partner will help you spot your blind spot, correct you, sharpen you and dull all those dangerously sharp edges you and using to hurt people up and down!
6. SPIRITUAL MULTIPLICATION: The Bible says "one will chase a thousand, two will chase ten thousand",you will fight your spiritual battles and win them with ease.
7. COMPANIONSHIP: What's as sweet as marrying your best friend? You can't compare this relationship with anything else in the world. It's so special and so sweet.
8. HELP: Your spouse will help you, support you, motivate you, encourage you and pray for you till you fulfil your destiny.
See, all these sweet experience can only be possible of you marry your own bone and flesh, your soul mate, God's will for you but if you mis-choose, it will be tales of woe and perfect hell on earth!
Don't be desperate to get married. Relax, pray, work on yourself and be expectant. Your husband/wife is around the corner. Open your spiritual and physical eyes to see them when they come.
Marriage is so sweet. It's one of the sweetest experiences on earth. You will not mis-choose in Jesus' name.
Thanks for reading. 

God bless you. 


© Seun Oladele

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