Tuesday, 17 July 2018


Yes, your past was dirty, yes, you were romanced, yes, your fiancee jilted you, yes, you've had abortions. Yes, you were gay/a lesbian, yes, you've been tampered with: fingered, smooched and deflowered.
It doesn't matter the number of abortions you've had, it doesn't matter how many ladies you've deflowered, done abortions for. It doesn't matter how many packs of cigarettes ypu've smoked, how much marijuana you've had or how far you've gone into drugs, YOU CAN BEGIN AGAIN. You can have a fresh start and start creating a pleasant past from today. What you do today is your past tomorrow. Give your past to Jesus, let Him wipe it clean. Kneel before Him and ask Him to save you with His precious blood, you will sense His peace come over your turbulent heart and all your past will be wiped with just one sentenced IT IS FINISHED! He finished paying for your sins on the cross, you don't need to pay for any of it again.
Yes! You can stop having that sex right now, you can stop all romancing, smooching masturbation, addiction to pornography and all those dirty acts. It is possible, with Jesus by your side, you can stop all those acts.
Your future is so beautiful. You can marry gloriously. You can have great kids. You can make good money. You can be wealthy. God can mightily use you.
Write today's date down. As you make this sound decision not to go to your past and start a new history today, your life will take a great dramatic turn. You will one day look back, remember today, smile from the depth of your heart and thank God you created a new past starting from today.
I love you so dearly. My heart swells with so much love for you. Take my sisterly hug as we begin on this new journey.
Above anyone else, Jesus loves you so much more than you ever imagine. He cares! Thanks for reading. 
God bless you. 


© Seun Oladele

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