Wednesday, 18 July 2018


It's okay to cry at times, it helps, I really mean it helps. It relieves some tension, purges your emotion and you sincerely feel better.
It's not a sign of weakness for an adult to cry, it is a display of strength, the ability to be down to earth real and honest with your emotions. "Jesus wept." I love that Bible passage so much. I cry sometimes, I mean, I let the tears flow down my cheeks down my body when I get so tensed up and backed to the wall. I always do feel better, stronger and see clearer afterwards.
I didn't cry after my mum died in that fatal accident 2003, I stuffed the anger and frustration in and it became toxic to my body. When Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, (my second mum) died in 2005, I didn't shed a single tear too. When I lost my uncle and aunt at about a year interval to each other, my tear ducts were dry, I couldn't weep but my emotions were boiling mad. I was irritable, angry and explosive! I had this unexplainable anger and frustration for years. I was hostile, bitter and unforgiving yet couldn't trace the source. At a time, I became anti-social, always go about frowning, pick quarrel at the slightest provocation and became paranoid.
The word of God did a great job on me though but my healing really truly began when I allowed myself be human, feminine and allowed the gift of tears purge me of my tensed emotions. It helped a lot, it really helped. I'm now a complete woman.
When you need to cry, please do. When your relationship didn't work out and you hurt badly, allow yourself to grieve over the loss.
When things seem not working and you feel a bubble from your belly, be yourself and let the tears flow. If you have compassion for someone or you feel their pain, please, show it, don't hide it, they may need it. Jesus says, "mourn with those who mourn..."
Crying is not limited to any gender, men need to be in touch with their feelings as well as women. This helps us feel the human side of each other.
I'm not saying you should burst into tears at every slight provocation or go completely berserk in public. I mean, be yourself when you need to be. Learn to be yourself; be down to earth.
It will save you lots of frustration, purge you of all toxic and negative emotions and helps you find quicker solution to your problems. It surely helps!
Thanks for reading. 

God bless you. 


© Seun Oladele,

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