Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Darling Ladies

Let's stop hurting ourselves. Let's stop allowing guys take undue advantage of us. Let's stop creating unnecessary relationships with guys. He hasn't asked you out yet you talk to him for hours over the phone, people see you everywhere with him, he discusses personal issues with you, ask you personal questions only your man should know about you, tells you the kind of woman he will like to settle down with and you tell him yours too. He acts all caring and can't stand anything wrong happening to you. When you do a checklist of what he tells you he wants in a lady, it's just so obvious you're the woman he's describing. From the way he speaks and behaves you know he "likes" you, maybe he has even told you he likes you but you assume he doesn't want to be in a relationship yet.
Dear sis, you need to be very wise. Beware, beware of time wasters. Don't allow any confused guy to waste your time pls. If he isn't bold enough to speak his mind then let him be. Don't allow anyone who doesn't know what he wants to stand on other serious guys in your life's way. They won't talk and they won't allow others to have their own way. Beware of such persons.
If he isn't sure or bold enough to voice his intention then why should you give him unnecessary time and attention. Don't assume he is waiting for the right time. Give him space, if he really needs a serious relationship with you he will voice his intention once he sees you're shifting away. Don't assume what's on his mind, being a close friend might just be all he wants from you and that could be dangerous for you if you are not yet in a relationship because every good guy who comes your way and notices such close relationship between you and someone else will assume you're in a relationship. And finally, if friendship is all the close guy wants from you, he will just walk up to you someday and introduce someone else to you as his girlfriend or fiancee after you've given him your time, feelings and attention. And of course that's going to be hurting.
So for the last time ladies, please be warned. Don't assume you know what's on his mind. Don't create unnecessary feeling or impression. Don't hold onto what's not real while the real things pass you by.
I just thought of sharing this and I want us to take this seriously. I pray the Lord will bless you through it and help us all to make the necessary correction(s).

By Adeyemo Adenike Oke.

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