Tuesday, 17 July 2018


No one has a perfect marriage. Every relationship is complicated because human beings are complicated.
Boredom is part of life, crises are part of life, sickness, pregnancy, work pressure, temptation, dealing with difficult in-laws, career crises, business challenges, the unstable economy, peer pressure, disobedient kids, spiritual battles,uncooperative spouse, angry/malicious response to issues, etc are all part of marriage.
What makes one marriage better than another is how they deal with their own. Everyone has issues to deal with in marriage, everyone! No one has it all!
The temptation to have an emotional affair is at the peak when an opposite sex friend who seems to understand you, listen to all your problems, accepts and loves you the way your spouse does not and happens to give you all the admiration, affection, comfort you need when your own spouse is acting cold, antagonistic, critical, judgmental, abusive and "satanic" at home. More women as men are seriously getting into emotional and sexual affairs outside marriage and are throwing all caution to the wind. Most of these people connect through facebook, whatsapp, twitter and other social media platforms where they begin chatting privately till they meet in person and it all blows up into full scale sexual affair.
Affairs won't solve your problem, it will only add fire to the issues in marriage. You must understand that what you are going through in your marriage is a phase and it will pass but the consequence of the affair will never pass except by the mercies of God.
You can't go about flirting with single guys/ladies, another man's wife/husband or out rightly sleep with them and expect, God, your weeping spouse and children give you a pat on the back. You break their hearts, shatter their trust, give them untold pain, destroy their self esteem, wreck their future and even pass venereal diseases to them. Only the God of heaven can heal such marriages. Some marriages break apart completely while some commit suicide/murder!
Learn to deal with your marital issues maturely. Go for counseling, read good books that will help. A lot of couples will rather buy clothes to shame all their enemies but will never invest in a single book that will help their marriages. I and hubby keep reading from time to time and keep updating our knowledge.
HIS NEEDS, HER NEEDS (how to build an affair proof marriage) by Williard F. Harley will help in this regard. My ebook: LIES THAT BREAK MARRIAGES will also help a great deal. Invest in these treasures, they will save your marriage from lots of trouble and help you enjoy bliss without measure.
Don't venture into that affair, it will destroy you! Kill that lust in your heart before it kills you. The earlier,the better.

I hope this article helps? 
Thanks for reading. 

God bless you. 


© Seun Oladele

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