Wednesday, 4 July 2018


After a community meeting involving some grandpas, a little casual talk broke out among them and they discussed their sexual escapades with relish. How they did it, how exciting it was, how long they could last in bed and all the blas blas blas.
Now, grandpas should keep sane and be good role models but grandpas aint made of iron, they need passionate love making too.
Okay, where are the grandmas? Oh yes! They are busy tieing wrapper, bathing their grand babies, backing them all over the place and shaming all their enemies who think they won't live long to see their grand kids. Those things are good but will grandma just wear skirt and blouse, nice gown and some smart, decent clothes and sizzle grandpa's world once in a while?
Romance and love making in marriage won't die because we now have gray hairs. The passion may wane, the energy may drop, the desire may reduce in frequency but the need for the cuddle, touches, embrace and love making won't die.
Dear grandma, please make love to grandpa and help our society keep sane. All these men going to clubs with their grand daughters' age mates need serious prayers, no, deliverance! And part of the deliverance will be conducted by grand ma right in the bedroom!
Will you make love to grandpa today? Please do and God too will be happy with you. Smiles...
Show this post to all the grandmas and grandpas you know so they can learn this "something". If they are on Facebook, you can share on their wall. Jesus is Lord! Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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