Wednesday, 18 July 2018


You must fulfil your destiny as a woman. You are not just here to punch out kids every year, slave to death and serve your husband till you drop dead. You are on earth to fulfil a mission, make impact, be a role model to many, be successful, enjoy life and of course, have a great marriage.
Yes, your kids must be well taken care of and you must do that. Your husband must be served and you must not fail in that responsibility as well, yet you must also take good care of yourself and end up a woman of substance, power, success and impact.
Many men are scared of allowing their wives fulfil her destiny because they believe she will neglect him and the children, become the boss in the house and render him completely useless by her success and achievements.
You can completely put him at ease and ensure nothing of such will happen by doing the following:
1. Long before sharing your dream of having that big business, becoming a proprietress, advancing in your career, producing your music album, launching your blog, writing your book or even becoming a successful social media person, honour him. Give him the respect due to him as the authority in the house so when you share your vision, he won't feel threatened and silently fear his position being overthrown.
2. Let him know your success belongs to both of you not you alone. This will make him feel belonged and give you his support. Some women keep all the money they make and watch their husbands struggle to pay bills and feed the family. If you let him know your desire to expand is to ease his burden as well as fulfil your destiny, he may relax for you.
3. Don't neglect your children while out seeking success, fame and money. Your husband and children are your primary responsibility. Once you are home, be home and give them your best.
4. Don't turn your husband to your slave while seeking success, this will backfire. He can assist with chores but can't completely take over your responsibility.
Whenever I have speaking engagements both within and outside the state, hubby stays with the kids till I return. I ensure I do all the necessary chores, cook and make arrangements for breakfast and lunch before I leave home and once I return, I resume my duty. This makes watching after the kids easy for him and always look forward to my next outing. He sometimes assists with cooking and chores while I'm away but it's basically my responsibility and can't be transferred to him.
5. Train your children to honour and respect dad. Never correct your husband in the presence of your children.
6. Both of you should agree on child training and discipline. When there is no division in this area, it is easier for children to respect dad whenever mummy is not at home and vise-versa.
7. Do not insult, abuse, embarrass and disgrace your husband because you now make substantial money.
8. Don't announce to the world through your body language or mouth the things you are doing your husband is not. Rather appreciate him for being a supportive husband and a role model to you and your children. A supportive, loving husband is worthy of appreciation.
9. Pray that God will bless, elevate and prosper your husband.
10. Pray daily for wisdom to handle your husband and children.
This post is not a rule please. Do what works for you. Some women are definitely happy being full time wives and mothers while their husband take care of the bills and they are both happy and contented with it. Some women believe their marriage and children are their destiny to fulfil and they are happy playing their roles as great wives and mothers.
The bottom line is this: find out why you are here on earth, discover your destiny and do all in your power to fulfil it.
I really want you to be happy wherever you are and in whatever you do. I look forward to seeing you at the top. 

Thanks for reading, God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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