Tuesday, 10 July 2018


With the rate at which Pastors and their wives are filing for divorce, I think we need to do something fast or else, the church may soon be filled with divorced Pastors and congregations. If the Pastor can get a divorce, why can't the members?
I spoke recently to an estranged Pastor's wife and her complain like the complain of other unhappily married Pastors' wives is that her husband had many "strange" women around him and when she complained, he saw her as jealous. He eventually sent her packing with her children and filed for divorce. Case closed.
I'm not here to judge anybody. It is hell going through divorce and no one needs any preaching or correction during this period.
I will use this medium to advise single ladies dating Pastors, buckle your belt. It is not enough to be seen as the First Lady in the church. You will be seen as a spiritual mother who should "accommodate" all the "sisters" flocking around your husband.
Your husband will attract women. If he doesn't go after them, they will go after him, it is natural. Women are attracted to great father figures who treat them with care and listen to their pains and hurts with tender love.
Some of these women may bond with him and want more of him, that is REALITY. The earlier you prepare your self, the lots of headache you will save yourself in future. Now, this is where your work comes in:
PRAY FOR YOUR HUSBAND DAILY: You will do well to have Stormie Omartian's THE POWER OF A PRAYING WIFE in your library.
LOOK DROP-DEAD GORGIOUS: Dress fabulous to church with your husband. Let your husband easily pick you out from the crowd of women that flocks him. Always dress to his taste.
DRESS YOUR CHARACTER: Be mature, loving, accommodating and decorate his home with peace of mind. Nagging, complaining and red hot temper can drive any man mad.
BE A CHICK AT HOME. Alright, you are no longer in church, so remove that scaff, wear something kinky and be super delicious. Use your feminine power and be seductive. Men who hang around ladies who send them signals all the time need a seductive wife at home. You've got to display all your assets conspicuously and let him know he's got the best deal at home.
GIVE HIM SEX BEFORE HE STEPS OUT OF THE HOUSE: Drain him. A sexually hungry man's eyes wander around and he is restless around women. Do not push your husband into temptation. If there are people who need more sex on daily basis, they are the pastors. Satisfy him sexually and be super hot in bed.
A-beg, this is not church. This is the bedroom where the man needs to go to heaven and come back as often as possible. Let him wish he carries his bedroom to his office.
When a man is thoroughly satisfied sexually, he feels nothing for other females out there.
BE HIS FRIEND: listen to him, play with him, date him, flirt with him, encourage him, support him and always be there for him.
LET HIM BE THE MAN: Some pastors' wives are proud and pompous. They dictate to everyone around and you wonder whether they are the General Overseer or the husband. Let the husband take the lead while you offer suggestions, encourage and assist.
MAKE HIS HOME A PALACE: Keep it clean, make it comely and allow peace to reign. When a man has a loving wife, a peaceful home and the power of God backing him up, who is the woman that will snatch him?
Singles, this is a tall order. Marrying a Pastor is not a joke, it is serious business. You either prepare to be a great wife and do more than an average wife, or let him go in peace and marry someone you are comfortable with. 

The ball is in your court.

© Seun Oladele

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