Tuesday, 17 July 2018


In fairness to the men, most never dreamt of hurting their Suzie, yet a lot of women are not only sad in their relationships, some are weeping profusely in their marriages!
One mistake a lot of men make is treat a woman like a man. Excuse me, I'm not a man (though my choleric temperament makes me act like one sometimes), I am basically a woman so you talk to me, relate to me and treat me as a woman!
* Stop being logical with women. We are not logical by nature, we are sentimental. Instead of arguing with a woman from morning till night on why you think her suggestions are stupid, tell her you appreciate her point, she's got a beautiful brain and she's smart to come up with good suggestions, that kills it. We don't expect you to take all our advice, but appreciate the fact we came up with something instead of making her look stupid.
* No woman enjoys flirting with the opposite sex please, it can shatter her self esteem and make her feel inadequate. Admire your fiancee, flirt with your wife. We love it when our husbands flirt shamelessly with us. It brings out the girl in us.
* We go through menstrual cycles and this can tamper with her hormones so when she's screaming at times, just look at her with compassion instead of treating her like a big "winch"!
* See, taking all those family planning pills is not easy please, they not only affect the mood, they altar the body build at times. To compare her tummy with when she just got married or her dropping breasts with your single girl friends is maddening. Why can't men take contraceptive pills for God's sake?
*Slapping, beating, abusing a woman is a NO-NO in any marriage that will last.
*Learn to buy your woman sentimental gifts. Yes, she knows she needs a new iron in the house but you don't present that to her as her birthday gift for God's sake! What do you think you are doing?
*Learn to spend on your woman. No woman is ever happy with a stingy man.
*Ask her what goes wrong when she's moody and put your loving arm around her shoulder. That little act of kindness can melt the heart of any woman.
*When last did you assist your wife with chores and give her a little body massage without asking for sex?
It doesn't take much to make a woman happy. Just be loving, kind, caring and affectionate. You will have a new wife under your roof.
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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