Sunday, 8 July 2018

Reverend Mrs Hellen Oyegoke.

Some years ago, our parents were able to hold marriage better than those who speak in tongues now because there were still some ancient values in place. Values such as endurance, forbearance and being subject to their husbands. But today, because women have been empowered and many of them earn more than their husbands, they do not see reasons why they should submit anymore. Many women have been wrongly educated.
I read Law, and I know that there are some rights a woman has under the law. One of the professors once said that the things he taught about women rights were to be used for businesses and to generate wealth, not for female lawyers to use them in their homes. He stressed that if any of them uses it in her home, she will not have a home. The people who can hold and build a strong marriage are those whose image are being restored back to that of God, this was the intention of God from the beginning. Kenneth E. Hagin was asked why there were so many divorces in his days and he said it is because babies are the ones getting married; they speak in tongues but they are babies; they speak in tongues yet they cannot obey doctrines or commandments; babies are irritable. When the nature of God is being developed in a person, such person is able to endure, forbear and overlook things. What can build a strong family are men and women whose lives are built on the principles of God; men and women who are going after God. A man that cannot be led by the Spirit of God cannot make a good husband. 
The place of choice of who to marry is where to start the structure of a strong marriage. Who do you marry? How do you make your choice? Is he born again? What influences your choice of who to marry? Is it a brother that has swag? He has packaging but he lacks substance inside. A good boyfriend most of the time does not make a good husband. A good boyfriend can treat you well, buy you flowers and take you out but in your spirit, what is God saying about him? The external make up of a man can change. Marriages built on bank jobs collapsed when the financial institutions crashed. A sister with a good job is not the reason for marriage, because job can end. One thing you can bank on is a man or a woman following hard after God; you can bet your life on this. 
When my husband was courting me, he didn't have money to buy meat pie for me. He couldn't afford to take me to Mr Biggs one day; he was smelling of the wilderness from head to toe. These things will help you shape your life from the beginning. The foundation of a strong marriage starts from your choice. The two people coming together matter a lot. What are the values of the two people coming together, what laws govern them? They might not have perfected obeying those laws but their hearts should be committed to changing. There is no one that is free, if you are not submitting to God, you are submitting to Satan, you might not admit it, but there is someone lording it over you. If a believer is not careful, he can also be governed by the power that governs the air.

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