Tuesday, 17 July 2018


Sex is one way we make the most valuable deposit.What we release at the peak of sexual satisfaction is the human seeds in millions.When sperm is viewed under the microscope, you will see many spermatozoa moving actively, so full of life, they are moving everywhere seeking expression, that substance is more than a liquid,It is many nations, it is countless generations!.Sperm count per milliliter of ejaculate can be up to 20-100million of sperm cells, and an healthy man can release between 1.5 -5ml of sperm at each ejaculation.

Man is so rich in birthing life, destiny and purpose.God said at creation,' be fruitful and multiply',because of man,God didn't have to form another man,He just put man inside man, but the carefree and careless deposits shows how less we value this important treasures, how less we see, how less we treasure life and ourselves.

This is like going to any bank and deposing money into just any account.You divide yourself into several places, you become a piece of your self, with other pieces of you at many other places, most of which you don't know or can't even remember, these other pieces of your self has also been taken to places you don't know.Now you are no longer you, you keep searching for you.

Samson was one man with purpose, his conception was specially announced with distinct instructions, his parents noted these details, he isn't meant to live just like that, every man with purpose has his special track to a winning end,Samson carried such greatness but had no true sense of value for it.

Greatness don't fit into just anywhere.Some places will drain you, will withdraw your value and demolish your height, champion will be made victims in such places.Place yourselves with caution.

There were other companies in the life of Samson that were ready to help him preserve destiny, especially his parent, but they warned to no avail.This same people still cherished his dead body, they came into the camp of the enemy to pick his lifeless body for a befitting burial.This great man chose to make deposits in the wrong account.He loved a woman in the valley of Sorek, beautiful devil out to drain destiny while they offer their laps for your comfort.He walked in with strength and confidence, and there his value was withdrawn.He was emptied to death.

Young man, you cannot bring out that worthy penis and dip into just any vagina, if it doesn't have your tag on it, you are driving yourselves away! You must take caution if you are going somewhere, because you lose value each time you do it, and in no time you will only become a shadow of yourself.Life is what you release anytime you satisfy your sexual hunger, even in masturbation, you lose value so gradually, the sweetness blinding your eyes from the treasures you give away so cheaply, and someday you will discover you are no longer the man you thought you were.

Joseph could have released his seeds into Potiphar's wife and his champions could have been aborted before birth or wasted in his deadly sexual satisfaction.More so it could have led to his own death, as his master won't stay still, but Joseph was purpose driven and conscious of his God-company.He diligently drove towards his God given dream,Occupy profitably, man, stay focused.

Today, guys are everywhere and men, married men without dignity using their power, position, money, strength to take advantage of others, that sexual donation may seem sweet and satisfying but you are leaving incomplete.

Judah on his way to Timnah ,satisfied his sexual urge by sleeping with an 'harlot' he didn't even know who she was.You may take advantage of your servant girl, your house help, your student, your employee, even your own daughter, but always remember that you will pay for it.The proof of your loss is in what you released, a loss you may never recover from.

You may have your plans, but that beauty may have hers too ,for Delilah, it was silver, for Tamar it was pregnancy and there,Judah lost his staff of authority.

Absalom set a long time plan and killed his brother Amnon, because Amnon lost control of his sexual urge, the fire he couldn't control, consumed him.If you plan to rape ,be sure you consider the cost.

Gain control man,if you keep speeding without a break, you will reach a dead end.

Sex is good and sweet, but only with your wife in marriage, and that is a profitable deposit, a deposit that yields interest, if you load off otherwise, you will become empty. Don't have sex before marriage that account isn't yours, you are losing value.

Be wise!

By Wunmi Johnson

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