Friday, 20 July 2018


Just because he doesn't say sweet nothings and wow you with the craziest gift in town? You think he doesn't love you, just because he doesn't call per minute, per second? You think your husband doesn't love you because he doesn't look into your eyeball every now and then and tell you you are beautiful?
Those things are good and a great partner does that to his lover but real men are beyond what Hollywood portray in romantic movies!
This guy is not a play boy who wants to get into your pants and jets off hence telling you every damn craziest thing you need to hear to make you swoon and fall flat on your face! Your husband is not that EX or male friend who has no single responsibility over you except chat with you 24/7 till you lose guard and end up falling for him!
Real men who genuinely love their partners ACT more than they TALK to win your love.
He thinks about how to take care of you so much he is out to make more money and may forget to tell you you are the most beautiful woman in his world though he thinks about you all day.
Your well being is his concern.
How you will eat, live well and fulfil your dreams are his concern.
Your sound health is his concern.
He doesn't want you to starve or suffer under his roof.
He doesn't want you to beg or run to another man to take his responsibility over you.
Though men will do well to verbalize their love and be more affectionate, tender and kind towards their women. We respond to loving words as well as care and provision.
But understand that if your man is not doing all this every time, it doesn't mean he doesn't love you.
He cares. His working and labouring hard daily shows he cares.
His raw, naked jealousy when another man tries to get your attention shows he loves you so much. Making love to you regularly shows he's still very much attracted to you. His refusal to have sex with you in courtship till your wedding night shows his high level of love, respect and honour for you.
Don't another guy smooth talk you into losing what is real for what is fake.
Real men are not just talkers, they are doers!
Love is a verb!
Thanks for reading. 

God bless you. 


© Seun Oladele

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