Sunday, 12 August 2018

A-Rhyme in the making!

Catch them young they say; music found Lebogang at an early age of six. She started singing in a choir at her family church and gradually nurtured her in-born talent to become a strong and courageous vocalist.

In 2015, she was part of a group (MILELO) and they managed to record a song with an upcoming Hip-Hop artist (SLABSTA) and also featured in a project with Jaden Brown.

Lebo, as she is often known outside music circle, is a student of WITS University doing her final year in Law. She is very passionate about her talent and fell over heels in love with all kinds of music genres; from RnB, to House music, Hip-Hop, Gospel, Kwaito and so on. She refers to herself as a diversified vocalist as she is very convenient and versatile as an artist and performer.

Today, Lebo is gradually leading herself to the path of a professional artist after she confined with us in an interview with Braamfontein Alive and below is her interview:

Q: Welcome to our office A-Rhyme, how you doing?

A: I’m good, how are you, Taiwo?

Q: I’m blessed, thank you. Is been a long time and finally we meet again and I just wanna ask you briefly; what are you up to and if I may start, can you introduce yourself to us?

A: Hello, hello, people. This is A-Rhyme. Usually I go by the name Lebo but now my stage name is A-Rhyme and you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram (karine_lebz); that’s me.

Q: Thank you so much and can you please give us a little bit of your background?

A: Okay, I started singing at the age of six, Sunday school vibes of course. So it was just out of the blues; the church lady requested a song like “can you please sing a song for us?!” and I found myself singing but I feel like is something that I always have in my genes because my mum also sings. Ever since that day at church I’ve been singing at churches, events, gigs; hmmm, all kinds of musics: your house, your hip-hop, your RnB. I’m diversified and that’s me!

Q: When did you make up your mind that (I wanna do music) is time to do music?

A: I think it was the first day that I started singing and then I saw how beautiful this gift was and what joy it brought to the people. So for me it was a great joy to see people appreciating it and also the peace that they found in it. For me my gift has been such a prosperity in many people’s lives in a spiritual sense and that really motivated me to continue with this because I saw how many people being blessed, how many people are progressing in life when they hear the message in my music through my voice was really a light to them. I was really blessed in the process as well and is how I get to voice out my feelings; if it’s rage, anger, fear, joy; is all in my music, in my song and putting all in one song; and hey it completely heals me, sets me free and that’s beautiful.

Q: Beautiful, so you’re saying; music is more or less like a therapy to you?

A: Yeah, yeah. Is my best friend. I get to communicate with God and to people through it so I don’t have to  feel lonely because I know that I carry something that I can use as a voice; you understand, to reach out. So singing gives me greater expression more than verbal conversation. I get to express myself fully to the level or extend that I want and I can say a word now; it might not be enough but I need to break out, scream it, shout it through a song and that for me is enough.

Q: What other things are busy with: are you at school and what are you studying?

A: Yes, I’m in school doing my final year and next year I will be continuing after graduation is law. So besides that; lately, I’ve been receiving signals from people saying “are you a model?!” I feel people are trying to tell me to also explore other channels. So is all about the people and what they want so if the people are asking me to explore other doors of opportunities; why not, I will give them what they want!

Q: If you might have to choose between being a lawyer and a musician what would you go for?

A: (Laughing!) It would definitely be being a musician. Because this is something I was born with. Is something that I got to realize that is who I am. I mean something that is part of me since I was born but being a lawyer is something I want to do. Music is a must. I have to do it because I feel like I’ll be wronging myself, wronging the nation and wronging God if I didn’t take up this music journey. And law is something that I can do for the sake of finances, my parents saying “go to school” after all they have invested in me and school. I do school not just for them but for me as well just to secure my future; of course and my family’s future. I can do music and not get paid and for me that brings me great joy. So music plays a really huge part. Music is really who I am. I wasn’t born a lawyer but I was born a vocalist. It’s in the blood, in the veins and there’s nothing compares or that can challenge that!

Q: Are you gonna embrace it if you were given a platform to juggle law and music?

A: Yeah, yeah; that’s the plan. I feel like it has already started. I don’t know along the way if I see is too hard to juggle the two; law can rest, hey!

( We both burst into a thunderous laughter!)

Music is my life, if is taken out of me I don’t know but with law I’m just doing for my parents! Education is important, though. I’m not saying otherwise and what I’m saying is; chasing your dream is equally important!

Q: Who are your role-models in music?

A: Is Shekhinah! She definitely does it for me. She has a unique voice, skill and sound. If this is up to me I’d say she’s from America! Honestly speaking, there’s no female vocalists that can compare with her in SA.

In America or other ends of the world, definitely Beyonce. Queen B does it for me. Her voice is so powerful. I’m the one who really fancies powerful voices. She believes in her own voice and that’s me as well. I believe in my voice, in the fact that my voice will never fail to pitch in notes or any kinds of music and that’s why I am diversified and I can take up any songs right now. 

Q: In about five years’ time where do you see yourself?

A: Oh my gosh, Taiwo. Five years’ time is a long time. I see myself coaching other upcoming artists because I’d be big myself. Me coaching means I already made it and I will never stop making it! I like to see Youngers just like myself coming to me and asking me “how did you do it?!” The money would be rolling, cars, I don’t like travelling but I’m sure I’d be on the road by force.

Q: Who among male South African celebs is your crush?

A: I didn’t see that coming. Oh my gosh! I don’t have a crush!

Q: Okay, who among male South African celebs would you like to date?

A: Oh my gosh! Kumkani 'Gadaffi’. He’s so hot! I repeat; he’s extra hot, super hot, prime hot, several hot. That’s the guy I’d love to date. I like his character and in real life he seems to be a real, cool and chill guy.

A-Rhyme is on a mission to becoming one of A-listed celebrities in South Africa and across the world as she chooses to follow her dream of music which she uses to promote global connection that symbolizes unity and peace through her charming and powerful voice.

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  1. I've been waiting for this ever since. You are needed Godly gifted Lebo. It's about time you do your thing. Go!