Monday, 13 August 2018


1. "Ma, she is God's will for me but I don't like her looks, should I marry her?"
2. "He is God's will for me but I am older than him, should I marry him?"
3. "He is God's will for me but he keeps asking for sex and will never accept a NO, should I marry him?"
4. "I still love my EX, I don't like my fiancee at all but she is God's will for me, should I marry her?"
5. "We are both AS. Medically, it is not advisable but he is God's will for me, should I marry him?"
More questions...more questions...more questions...
Why are you asking me if you should marry somebody or not when you said God has given you the GO AHEAD. I'm I God? You said IT IS GOD'S WILL abi? Is it not God's will again?
Sometimes when some singles ask me questions, I keep asking, do you really know what you are talking about?
Look, God's will is not that wishy-washy dream you had after thinking about that guy/lady all day and you see each other with stuffs and wedding gown or suit. That is an emotional high on display during your sleep. God's will gives you peace and assurance regardless of the storm and challenges you face. If you are confused, you need to go back to God ask if you really heard him or your hormones, Okay?
God won't go against His word! If Amos 3:3 does not work in your relationship, IT IS NOT GOD'S WILL, period!
When you hear God, you will be at peace regardless of the age difference. If you are confused and agitated, you need to hear God again.
If he doesn't agree to stay off sex till marriage, he is not God's will, period!
God's WILL will not make you sin!
In God's will, age difference is not a problem.
AS and AS is not a problem.
Differences in dressing is not a problem.
Background difference is not a problem.
Educational disparity is not a problem.
Handicapping condition, Sickle cell anemia, etc is not a problem.
Their horrible past is not a problem.
When God gives you someone, He gives you all the wisdom, strength, peace and grace to handle them.
His power backs you up and you solve all your differences and problems with ease.
When I met my husband, we had lots of differences but they were not our problem.
I had an handicapping condition (I will share my testimony later) but it was not a problem.
I had serious health issue but it was not a problem.
I came from an abusive background but it was not a problem.
I was not looking beautiful due to chronic poverty but it is not a problem!
He didn't look like he had a future but that was not a problem.
Ah, I forgot, I was under intense spiritual attack then but it was not a problem.
They don't wear trouser in his family but I wear trousers.
They are moralists and legalists but I came from a flexible and free background.
Those are not our problem and has never been our problems!
We keep overcoming our challenges with ease! With God's help through him, I don't suffer what I used to suffer again.
When you hear God you will have the faith to overcome your storms and climb mountains triumphantly!
I had so much peace and joy when I met him, I still have my joy and peace today!
Learn to hear God by yourself! If you depend on men of God to tell you who to marry, you may end up making a mistake. No one can hear God for you. If you can't, then forget about getting married. Read HOW TO HEAR FROM GOD by Joyce Meyers, it will help a lot.
If there is no agreement, peace, joy and deep conviction in your relationship and you are not ready to work through your differences, just end that relationship in peace! It is not God's will for you!
May the Lord grant you understanding. 

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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