Friday, 10 August 2018


Just this evening I was frying akara, (about 30 minutes ago). My 2 years plus son stood by me and kept crying I should give him one. I insisted it was hot and should allow it to cool. His vocal cords seems to be itching to ring out loud. He pranced and cried in his high pitch voice till I passed one to him, he screamed, jumped up and threw the akara away instantly. There was a look of horror in his eyes as the hot (not so hot really, I had allowed it cooled a bit) did justice to his tender palm!
Amused, undisturbed, I told him clearly, "now, you've learnt your lesson. Learn to wait. Don't ask me for hot akara again." I pulled him to my bosom and pacified him. He stopped crying, chirped and sang excitedly and waited till the akara cooled and I served.
All of us are sometimes like that. God will be busy "frying"our miracles and we will be screaming, wailing, crying and yelling. "This man still need work done on him, wait, let me finish my job before giving you a husband", you said "NO, I must marry this month by fire by thunder, by force!"; "I must meet him this week any where, any how!" When God says "okay" and you meet the hot tempered, stingy, carnal, violent man, you go crying back to God, you don't want again!
In fact, you quickly throw him out of your life like my son threw the akara away when too hot for him to handle. Yet, he is God's will for you. You just didn't wait for God to perfect his work on him before bringing him to you.
Same to men who keep giving God ultimatum. "This year, or no other year!" God says "she's too raw, let me work on her", you say "NO!" You must have her hot. He says "okay" and sends her to you. You screamed like my son did when she showed you her ugly side and violently threw her away. Yet she is God's will for you. You just didn't allow God to finish His work before bringing her to you.
The Bible says "for the vision is for an APPOINTED time." When God shows you your man/woman, it doesn't mean you must jump on them immediately, propose, court and marry right away especially sisters who receive revelations ahead of the brother. God may be working on him, that is why the hasn't noticed you yet. Wait, keep praying and keep being watchful and be patient until God gives him a go ahead.
You can't give God an ultimatum about when to marry. God may be working on you or your future spouse hence the little delay in finding a life partner. Work on your weaknesses and pray God work on his/her weaknesses so their won't be any crises when you both meet.
"He makes everything beautiful in His time" Ecclesiastes 3:11(a).
Wait for God's time! When you allow him finish His work on your spouse, you will both be at peace at with it, your relationship will be so beautiful and your marriage will be heaven on earth.
The table is set for my son. He enjoyed his akara, ate with relish and has been prancing about merrily, happily since.....wait for your "akara" brother, wait for yours sister, it will soon be cool and you will it it with relish.
You are all my darling. Enjoy your evening and have a great night rest. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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