Friday, 24 August 2018


African story tellers craved my indulgence and I remember, Peter Abrahams; depicting South Africa's struggles in his novel "Mine Boys"!

My coming to SA really connects the dots perfectly I have no regrets leaving my medical study to see the country for myself! Having being here; I see things differently. Things that I’ve read before coming into the country do played key roles about how I interact with the people regardless of the existing diversities, barriers, boundaries and fragile unity. 

As a matter of fact, I see people; not colours or pigments but people and in the same vein I treat them. If you are real to me that’s what you get in return and you might be fortunate one day to eat dinner with me!

The recent developments in this country have not been so encouraging and South Africa is still transitioning into democracy stated by Lebogang Karine Mngwenya. If you are a loyal follower of rainbow nation you will definitely agree with Miss Lebogang who is currently pursuing BA Hons in Law.

The birth of a new country in 1994 hit with turbulent political vendetta within the ANC and strangling approach from political rivals to snatch leadership power from the party that led the way from slavery to a promised land that belongs to none!

The economic and land ownership mistakes committed by past negotiators left majority of South Africans to eat on paper-plates with bare hands rather than on golden-plates with golden cutleries compared to  handful privileged ones.

Obviously, some South Africans are gradually beginning to loose faith in ANC after what seemed promising from EFF approach of “take by force”. ANC is trying to take the bull by the horn, EFF is trying to force a horse to drink water and DA is trying to play a pipe without calling the tune!

The land ownership issue is the only way to win leadership ticket in 2019. Any political party that gives the land to the people will definitely win the people but the approach to do that without going through the pains of “ZIMS” and loosing foreign pally like America is a tight rope to walk!

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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