Wednesday, 8 August 2018


A lot of ladies used to ask why abstinence from pre-marital sex is focused more on ladies than men. They assert that if the guys are not asking for sex, the ladies wouldn't be giving it so losing their virginity, sleeping around is basically not their fault.
While all messages must be balanced and the guys must be severely warned on the dangers of pre-marital sex and strongly admonished to keep their virginity at all cost till marriage, more focus goes to the women because it is the woman that will suffer!
1. You are the one that will carry the unwanted pregnancy and end up a single mother!
2. You suffer more from the stigma of being used and dumped!
3. Ladies face more shame from being deflowered before marriage than the guys.
4. Men easily get married after having children outside wedlock than the women.
5. You easily suffer low self esteem than the men.
6. While the guys see the sex as a conquest and feel like a conqueror, you feel conquered, ashamed and like a victim.
7. It just doesn't befit a woman to have tasted different penises of various shapes and sizes before marriage!
8. A lot of ladies self esteem are fragile, they easily suffer damaged, shattered and broken self esteem after they had been undressed, had sex with severally and dumped for someone else. No woman recovers fully except by the mercies of God!
Before you start attacking this post, read again, guys as well as ladies should be warned against the dangers of pre-marital sex but if the guys pressurize you for sex it is your responsibility to open your mouth wide and say a big, fat, NO!
No one forced you to carry your two legs to where you will be raped for those who like giving excuses of being raped! You can't keep enjoying the dirty chats, crazy, flirty messages and calls; wear body revealing, skimpy, extremely short, low neckline clothes to his house or a hotel and come crying someone raped you!
If you allow a guy have sex with you outside marriage, you are the one that will suffer! He can pick race with no trace and leave you to run your race without grace! Talk to your medulla oblongata now and save yourself from future trouble!
And to those guys who like sleeping around, I pity your father, mother and generation yet unborn!
The curses of a labouring woman is mightier than you imagine! You dumped your sperm, she got pregnant, you denied her, she went through untold hardship and rained curses on you from the bottom of her belly while pushing out the baby during labour, you need serious deliverance from at least 7 powerful men of God before you ever get your bearing!
Curses are on men who deflower innocent girls! Curses are on men who sleep with ladies and dump them! I have talked to guys whose lives are pathetic because of the reckless lives they've lived!
Some keep sweating, struggling and labouring with nothing to show for it. Some have been married for years with no single child to call their own after aborting for ladies and rejecting pregnancies in their past. Some have money but no peace in their marriage! You will always reap what you sow! May you not sow evil seeds into your future!
Ladies, learn to say NO; guys, Zip up and stop sleeping around!
I hope this message is clear enough? Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele, 2018.

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