Wednesday, 29 August 2018


When a man is hell bent on having sex with you, no amount of preaching can deter him! When a woman meant to slay you, no prayer will save you! Just avoid the bitch in the first place. Avoid that dog unless you are seriously looking for trouble!
Ask from Joseph! Potiphar's wife was deaf to every damn consequence he was preaching to her! "sleep with me" was the only song on her lips. Joseph had to writhe out of her demonic grip and ran as fast as his legs could carry him!
Amon didn't listen to Tamar! In his mind, he had finished the sex, he was just informing her. Instead of the stupid lady to do two and two and race out the door, she was doing what some stupid ladies do these days, preach to the agent of satan who was burning with hot testosterone and was busy calculating how to throw her on his bed!
You can't preach to a man hell bent on having sex with you! He wants sex is he wants sex. If he has the audacity to open his mouth and ask for what belongs to his elders, what the sovereign God, the owner of heaven on earth says is a sin, he is not worth your time! He is cheap, dirty, has no self dignity and lacks character, dump him!
Don't explain anything! Leave the scene, run, disappear, jet off! Get out, fast! If you wait a minute, he will work on your emotions and scatter your logic, that is why ladies wake from sex and cry profusely, they never really planned to.
This is not limited to single ladies/guys, married men and women inclusive. If you have a sexual attraction for her, don't preach, reason, analyze or pray, just avoid her and never meet her in person. Avoid that man if he keeps arousing you with words, it's a matter of time, you will sleep with them!
Don't explain anything! Just run! Vamoose, disappear!
Set boundaries! If you tell him "NO" first, second and third time and he is persistent, know that the devil is after your life! I once corrected a friend who said something sexual and he took to correction immediately, never repeating it and winning my respect forever but another friend who happens to be a Pastor would not back down! He was aggressive, persistent and denied ever doing anything sinful. He persistently, consistently said things that were explicit and very sexual with graphic details and strong seductive tone! His goal was to strongly turn me on and get me loose every inhibition for sex.
Thank God for the Holy Sprit and His strong restraining power. When we met in person and wanted something as small as a handshake in a highly tempting environment, I simply said No and took off, I forgot my bag, ran up, picked it and disappeared. That was the last time I ever and will ever set my eyes on him. I had to block him on the social media to get my sanity!
If they are scattering your head, dump them! If she is seducing you, throw the bitch out the door! If he keeps talking about your body, you are a mince meat for him! Kick him out of your life before he does any irreparable damage to you.
Wake up and wake up fast. The devil runs after precious souls. If men keep hunting you for sex it's not because you are beautiful, it's because the devil is after your destiny. Men hunts after "ugly" ladies too, so it's not just about your body. If women won't leave you alone, you need to run to Christ and stick to His words!
"Guard your heart with all diligence..." is what the Bible says before the devil finishes you.
A little word is enough for the wise. FEEL FREE TO SHARE. 

God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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