Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Have you ever met anyone and you have instant sexual chemistry for them? It just hit you like a tornado! No, they are not your wife, husband, fiancee, friend or whatever, you just connected, liked them immediately and your feelings zoomed from zero to affection to high tension sexual Chemo for this strange beau and this strange guy you barely know from anywhere! Some call it love at first sight, others see it as falling head over heels in love while some see it as a big sign they have met their soul mate.
If you are a human being with red blood flowing through your veins, you are going to have this feeling once in a while. It doesn't mean you are carnal, your anointing has disappeared, you are no longer faithful to your spouse or you have backslided! It means you've got something called libido and one hot Suzie or Charley just turned it on!
Now, hold it right there! If you are a married man or woman, just move back from that person unless you are looking for serious trouble. If you are engaged, stick to your partner and not think of dumping them for a hot body. If you are single, open your spiritual eyes and ears and know when you have found God' s will.
Sexual chemo is not the absolute guarantee for God's will. High sexual tension is not the sign you have found your soul mate. Love is a conscious effort to do good to your partner all the days of your life. One sure sign you love your partner is to hold sex till marriage. If you always lose your head completely and must strip them naked in courtship so you don't go insane with uncontrollable hot adrenaline, you need maximum deliverance!
You shouldn't be thinking of sex in courtship until you are close to the wedding day.
Just one month in courtship and you are already groping and grabbing? My friend, end the damn relationship!
The bottom line is this: sexual feeling alone is not the yardstick for choosing a life partner. Pray, seek God's will, watch out for character, maturity, godliness and the fear of God. 
These are what makes a man/woman marriageable.
God bless you. 

By Oladele Seun.

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