Thursday, 30 August 2018


It's okay to have high libido, it's okay to have a strong sexual urge, it's okay to strongly desire to be caressed and fondled. You are NOT ABNORMAL. You are SEXUALLY HEALTHY and NORMAL. 

Strong sexual drive, great men and women are so hot and super romantic! Samson was very anointed and has an unusual sex drive but he used it wrongly!
If you are anointed, multi-gifted and talented, chances are you have above average sexual desire! This sexual desire makes you feel so strong and powerful!
If you re-channel it, you become very creative and produce your best work of art! You preach, sing or pray with power! You take risks and achieve success with ease, you face obstacles and overcome them!
That is the reason for the high sex drive! Satan hates people like you with passionate hatred! He knows if you use your sexual energy rightly, he is in trouble! You are a threat to his kingdom and your glory is known all over the world so he seeks to destroy your glory and power through illicit sex, that was how he was able to kill Samson!
Control your sex drive don't let it control you! A girl asked me after the last ministration: "What should I do whenever I have the sexual urge? " Get up! Pick your Bible and get out of that place! Staying there and doing nothing can lead to masturbation and other dirty sexual stuff! Read the word, confess the word! "My body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost, I do not bow to sin!" Run round your house five times, you should calm down.
Get busy with your life! Read good books that will improve you. Pray in the Holy Ghost, speak in tongues! Avoid dirty, romantic movies, you don't need them!
Those who say you are possessed because your sexual urge is very high don't know you have Christ in you. When Christ possesses you, no demon can stay in you!
Congratulations on your high sex drive! It is a great gift from God to you, use it wisely while waiting till your wedding night. God bless you, cheers!

©Seun Oladele.

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