Friday, 31 August 2018


Virtuous ladies are scarce. I'm not talking about character, most ladies are faking it these days then become somebody else in marriage! I'm talking about industry, brain, intelligence and money making ability!
The Proverbs 31 woman is a hard worker who knows how to make cool cash. She was an excellent business woman! She was not a full time house wife! Her husband badge honour and respect in public because of her valuable contribution to the society, she was a philanthropist!
Some ladies are still snoring at 8:00am, after spending the whole night shopping for a husband on Facebook. Then she spend another hour doing only God knows what, perhaps masturbating then stagger through the kitchen to munch some snacks then make calls to boy friends who are waiting for her to warm their beds then roam all over the street gossiping around only to retire in bed and repeat the same cycle. You are not even a woman at all!
The virtuous lady is busy with God, her vision, career, business while trusting God for a great man to make her his! No one wants to marry a liability in this 2017 and beyond! Everyone is looking for blessings. If you are looking for some one to use, squeeze, milk and drain, you are a curse, not a blessing!
The virtuous woman was busy! She was never idle. She was an excellent clothe seller who was into big time textile supplies! She balanced business and home perfectly! She would do the laundry, feed her children, ensure they were well dressed yet supply her customers!
What kind of woman are you? You will attract your kind. Ladies who always attract play boys are simply not serious! How can a play boy find you so attractive and open his dirty mouth to propose to you in the first place? Why are serious minded, responsible, industrious, hardworking, godly guys NOT getting attracted to you? Who are your circle of friends?
I don't hang around idle people. We just don't attract! I don't mingle with "play men", the day I fond out you are a big time, unrepentant, chronic flirt is the day the relationship ends! Lazy men who have no vision for their lives turn me off. Loafers and gossips are never welcome in my home.
If we must be friends, your life must improve within 3 months, if it doesn't, no need for friendship!
Ladies who have self respect, dignity and honour don't lack suitors. They don't chase men around, they are not desperate.
When you have nothing in your inside, you will be running around guys to make you somebody and that is a big turn off any day, any time!
In a nutshell. Get busy with your life. Face your education, that is why you are in school. Ask questions about how to be a first class graduate not how to look for boy friends. Face your career and climb the success ladder while being friendly and approachable.
Face the vision God gave you and build a success out of it. Face your business and build it steadily till it becomes an international conglomerate! Build your relationship with God, make sure it is sound and solid!
Dress well. Stop looking like a beggar and a pauper! Stop begging men for recharge cards, money for hair, pad and chewing gum! Work with your own hands, make your own money, men are attracted to women who are responsible. Dress with dignity and honour! The virtuous woman always dressed in a purple linen, excellent clothing material of their days. She was a business woman with class.
Be an early riser and take care of yourself, siblings or whoever you are living with then it will be easy to run your marriage in future.
Be a wise woman who opens her mouth with wisdom not gossip around town! Learn to keep people's secret, don't be a basket mouth. Many women don't know how to protect their husbands. They share his secret all over the places. They are his number one gossip around town.
Work on your character and make yourself a woman worth envying, chasing and getting married to.
No woman like that ever lack suitors or have a bad marriage. May the lord grant you understanding. Read Proverbs 31:10-31. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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