Wednesday, 15 August 2018


I recently had an health issue requiring hubby to stay off me in the intimate department. I enjoy sleeping in my birthday suit smooching and prowling all over my sweetest sweet. Hubby lay beside me like a lamb, he allowed me to be free with him but his hands were still; completely in control, not overstepping the required boundary. He was perfectly calm, cool, collected as I slept close to him enjoying his warm body. Great awe struck my brain and I exclaimed the following morning, "how did you do that?" He simply smiled in his sweet, gentle, handsome way.
There will be occasions in marriage when you can't have sex, if you do it at a time you shouldn't, either or both of you may suffer for it! There are times your spouse won't be around. Compulsorily few months after giving birth, you just must stay off sex till your wife's body heals!
If you are not used to controlling your sexual desire before marriage, you will fail woefully in marriage! That is why most men today commit adultery. Hubby was able to hold himself because he was used to controlling his sexual urge as a single young man.
One woman had to be bundled to her village till she delivered her baby safely because the 9 times she had miscarriages, the husband kept having sex like crazy when the doctor clearly told him not to. He just could not control himself around a woman! The lady's family had to bundle her out before he renders her barren for life!
Pastor Sam Adeyemi said the doctor advised him to sleep on the floor while the wife sleeps on the bed if he can't hold himself as she needs to stay off sex due to her health issue for a while till she is medically certified to resume her sexual duties. He said he smiled and told the doctor there won't be any need for that. He can control himself.
When you allow a man have sex with you in courtship on the ground that he can't hold himself around you, you are destroying your marital peace without knowing! This man will commit adultery the moment you are not available! Teach him self control now by denying him sex, he will get all the sex he wants in marriage.
Many women who complain their husbands cheat were having sex in courtship. Not all, but many!
Very few couples trust each other these days. One man won't allow his wife get a job that involves traveling because he doesn't trust her to stay sexually faithful to him. She was always demanding and having sex in courtship. If she couldn't hold body in courtship, how will she hold it in marriage?
Many women never pray their husbands travel outside the country because once he is gone, he would have sex with anything in skirt!
Some men will never travel and leave their wives behind, not because they will miss her but because they do not trust her to stay sexually faithful behind them.
Countless marriages are in shambles, broken and shattered beyond repair because there is no trust!
Adultery, emotional and sexual affairs are rampant today because several couples can't control their sexual urge.
A successful marriage is built on trust, genuine love and self control. If you lack self discipline, your marriage will not work!
You need God to control your sexual urges though, "...for the fruit of the spirit is...self control..." (Galatians 5). It takes God to control ourselves in the face of hot sexual temptation.
When you are used to disciplining your appetite daily, you won't fall cheaply into sexual and emotional temptations.Sexual temptations are designed to pull you down!
No matter how far you have gone in sexual immorality, you can start all over again. Christ offers you a new beginning. Give your life to Him and you will be glad you did. 

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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