Friday, 28 September 2018


A lady told me they were advised in school never to date/court a fellow student but rather set their goals high on a working class man. She got confused, as she had heard me say many times that I met my husband in school.
I've been counseling some singles who are courting on campus as well and most, if not all the relationships ended up messy. How then have I been able to scale through?
Don't use anybody's relationship as a yardstick for yours, let the Lord guide you. That I met my husband in school does not mean you will meet yours there as well, you can't make your marital decision based on someone else's experience, we are all different.
God knows when and where you are to meet your spouse, yours is to walk with him, be sensitive to his leading and learn to obey him.
I did not go to school to get engaged. I went there to study and graduate in flying colours. Working class guys had proposed before I gained admission, they weren't God's will for me. I wasn't a naive, romance seeking teenager when I met hubby, I was already a mature woman, I was 24. I entered school late because my parents were too poor to send me to school. My teenage years was used hawking, working and learning crafts to survive.
I had a burning vision before I entered school and was pursuing it with vigour. I started my ministry on campus, organized programmes and was preaching before I met hubby. I had made up my mind not to have sex before marriage. I loved the Lord with all my heart and served him with all my strength...
I had read good books on relationships and was preparing myself to have a great marriage in future. All in all, I was a mature woman, I think that is what God saw before sending hubby my way. He knew I wouldn't take things for granted, I was mature enough to handle it and he wants me to have a man whom I could be friends with as my husband. He knew I am going to be teaching people how to have a great marriage. He knew I needed a man who will love me like Christ loves the church, develop intimate friendship with me and help me become all he designed me to be. He packaged all I need to be successful in my spouse and send him to my school. We are happily married today.
God deals with you based on the condition of your heart not your attitude or outward appearance. He will only give you what you can handle. If you will abuse the relationship by romancing and having sex instead of facing your studies, he won't send the guy/lady to you on campus.
I didn't hide my courtship in school. Everyone knew we were courting yet, were were among the best students in our departments. I was always with my books: reading, studying, attending fellowships, leading in my department, scoring high in all my courses, yet in full blown courtship!
I will advise you not to go to school look for a partner, go there to acquire your degree, diploma or certificate. Face your studies squarely.
Serve the Lord with all your heart. If the Lord knows you need to meet your partner for reasons best known to Him, He will send them to you, if not, avoid distractions, give your education your best while praying for a good life partner.
In His own precious and appointed time, he will surely bring your partner your way for "He makes all things beautiful in his time...." Eccl. 3:11a. Wait for his time, follow his leading, obey him and do His will. When the right time comes He will surely bring your partner your way. You will not miss it maritally in Jesus name. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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