Thursday, 20 September 2018


I used to think flirting is about wearing a lingerie, battling eyelashes, rubbing your hands all over the guy, pouting at the lady and circling your hand around her waist, current research has proven me wrong! Flirting is more subtle and most married and singles are guilty of it, yes, married people also flirt!
You often flirt without knowing and you need to put a full stop to any of these if you do not want to commit fornication or adultery.
1. You call the opposite sex dear a lot. "Thanks dear", "Yes my dear", "When should I be expecting you dear...?" If they are your mentees, sibling, sons/daughters whom you have, pure, godly relationship with, it's a different ball game entirely but if they are just friends or secret admirers whose emotions you are manipulating to your own advantage, that "dear" is flirty!
2. You wear sensitive clothes to attract their attention -nothing serious, just a little branch off from your normal wears to get their attention to your curves, muscular biceps or body build -that is flirting.
3. You are using words you don't normally use in your everyday language for them like "cool", "joor", "na", "k" etc in order to show emotional intimacy, you are flirting!
4. You say things that are ourightly sexy or show deep intimacy -that is full blown flirting!
6. You say negative things about your spouse/partner to them while praising their good qualities, it is flirting!
7. You chat about very personal/emotional issues far into the night, you are seriously flirting!
8. You outrightly call them pet names -that is no longer flirting, it is an affair!
9. You visit them in their apartment without informing your spouse -emotional affair has started -that is serious flirting!
10. You touch them a lot, you will soon strip each other naked.
Married or single, avoid flirting at all cost. It adds nothing to you, neither does it help your marriage in anyway. Men should avoid touching ladies carelessly. It doesn't speak well of you. Married people should mind how they address and talk to the opposite sex. Always remember you are married, if you often forget, you need a larger and bigger wedding ring with a mighty rock on it to keep pulling your mind back to where it should be.
All these holy hugs we do in church while enjoying the sisters full breasts should stop. Sisters should stop helping men pick dirt from their beard, you are not a refuse picker.
Married women should please, stop confiding in the opposite sex unless he is your father, brother or a disciplined marriage counsellor. Personal problems bond us to the opposite sex.
Single brothers should stop calling sisters pet names in the name of brotherly love and sisters should stop hugging brothers in "Holy Embrace" all these are flirting.
"Flee all appearances of evil" is what the Holy Book says, Flee!

© Seun Oladele

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