Wednesday, 19 September 2018


Obedience is not automatic, it is learnt. We learn with a humble heart and mostly through suffering. Yes, people don't change until they hurt enough! Even Jesus had to LEARN obedience through suffering so there is no accidental obedience. If you have not been obeying your husband, you've shown your human side but not without consequences.
God made the man the head of the home to help you curtail excesses and knock you into shape. He is there to help you do things the right way and fulfill your destiny on earth. That is why I always encourage single ladies to marry a man whom they respect and who believes in their vision.
You can't fulfil your destiny by behaving anyhow, talking anyhow and dressing anyhow. It's your husband's job to teach and correct you on daily basis. If you obey him and take to his correction, you will both be happier for it.
Your husband sees things you don't see. He knows the way you dress can land you in trouble. He knows some of your friends are hyprocrites whom you should let go. He knows your pride, anger, stubborness, laziness, gossiping, backbiting, indolence and shabbiness won't get you anywhere near success so he corrects you daily on these areas and more.
It is a happy wife who honours her husband and takes to correction. It is a happy husband who has an obedient and submissive wife. A home like this is strong and no devil can penetrate it.
May the Lord give you the grace to be the virtuous woman you are suppose to be. 

God bless you.

© Seun Oladele

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