Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Women, by nature are talkers, I mean, we like to talk. The most reserved woman will talk at the slightest opportunity and we love to be heard.
I talk, I mean, I TALK! When I'm excited, father Lord, help me to keep my mouth shut and just keep quiet!
A woman is not complete when she has no sounding board. Someone to listen to all her endless "jargons", they are not jargons really. I don't know why some men find it difficult understanding women! Look, she wants to share her dreams, aspirations, joy, sadness, day to day experience, fears and hopes with her, just open your ear drums and listen!
You can't claim to love a woman if you don't listen to her, understand her and talk back to her.
Courtship and marriage are so boring if you both can't talk and listen to each other.
More marriages are experiencing boredom, misunderstanding, conflict, crises and ultimately divorce because couples are not talking and listening to each other.
Courtship is not for sex baby, you have piles of loads of abundance of oceans of things to talk about.
Learn to ask your guy questions about his life: past, present and future and get him to talk to you.
Talk to each other a lot, you will both understand each other's heart beats better, face your future with hope and solve your problems with ease. Most of the problems you are facing in courtship is caused by not communicating meaningfully. Look, I'm not talking about the "I love you", "I miss you,", "come to my house at midnight", "I need to grab your boobs" meaningless stuff. I'm talking about your life, career, business, family, spiritual life, vision, dreams and destiny. Marriage is serious business. It's not for jokers! Talk!!!
Husbands, learn to listen to your wife. Make effort to understand her the same way you understand all the tricks in football. Wives fall in love with listening husbands. Even if what she says make no sense, just pull her to you and let her talk. When a woman is fully satisfied with her man, why would she gossip all over the street or fall for some random playboy on the Internet?
A lot of women don't feel loved not because their husbands don't love them but because he does not communicate or show it enough.
From today, start looking into your wife's eyeball when she talks to you. Spare some time daily to really listen to her, understand her, enjoy her company and yes, talk to her! Start gisting with your wife. Women love it. I hope this makes sense?
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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