Thursday, 20 September 2018


Forget about your neighbour's wife and admire yours, kit her! A woman is a costume being. With a change of cloth, hairdo, the right cream and make up, you will be surprised at the transformation.
There is nothing your neighbour's wife has that yours doesn't, you just need to spend extra money and show her extra care, that's all!
If her stomach is too big, buy her a waist trainer, teach her kegel exercise or get her resources that will help her shape up. If she's too fat, encourage her to drop the weight, if she has stretch marks, help her get the cream that will help her solve the problem. If her breasts sag, help her get nice push up bras!
The easiest way to damage a woman's ego is to condemn her looks, she can commit suicide as a result, it happens!
The rate at which more men including Pastors and Bishops have affairs is alarming! Let's apply brake please! Each man should derive maximum satisfaction from his wife and do all it takes to keep his eyes at home.
Stop drooling over your secretary, stop chasing teenage girls all over the street. Stop wishing you married your wife's younger sister. Be CONTENTED with what you have. Make your wife what you want her to be like. The making of a beautiful wife is in the hand of her husband. Your wife looks exactly your pocket, spend more and see her glow more.
Kit your wife. There is a beautiful queen on her inside waiting for the right motivation, motivate her, encourage her and make your wife a superstar worth envying.


© Seun Oladele.

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